May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

Spencer Richmond


AGE: 19

BIO: A student at New York University (Dad is Smith’s third husband, cinematographer Anthony Richmond)

In what ways do you take after your mother?

“I look more like my grandmother, my mom’s mom. My mom and I share eyes that change color. They go from green to blue to gray.”

What else do you and she share?

“My mom and I love drugstore makeup. We would go and buy lipsticks, nail polishes, makeup. I can spend hours there.”

Have you ever experimented with your look?

“I once went blonde, but then I went back to black soon after because I was just not a cute blonde.”

Any disasters?

“I got this fake tan, and it turned out blotchy. So I got a loofah and lemon juice and tried to get it off. My skin was bleeding. I got it off after scrubbing and scrubbing, but I was sore for days.”

Mickey & Fuschia Summer

AGES: 21 (Mickey, left) and 23

BIO: Mickey is an art student/actress (Mom is Sting’s wife, Trudie Styler); Fuschia, who sometimes goes by her middle name, Kate, is an actress (Mom is Sting’s ex, actress Frances Tomelty).

Which parent do you resemble?

Fuschia: “I look like my mother. I’ve got her eyes.”

Mickey: “Some people say I look like my father, but I used to think I was adopted because I didn’t look like


What is sister’s best feature?

Mickey: “Her face. The whole thing. And she’s got a pretty good pout too.”

Fuschia: “I like Mickey’s nose. She used to hate it, but I think it’s beautiful.”

Any favorite childhood memories?

Mickey: “Do you remember when I filled the bath with bras?”

Fuschia: “Yeah, and I got in it!”

Mickey: “And we had this photo shoot wearing costumes from the ’80s…. This was, by the way, about a year ago.”

Dominik Garcia-Lorido

AGE: 21

BIO: Actress and 2003 Miss Golden Globe (Mom is Marivi Lorido, Garcia’s wife of 23 years)

What’s your best feature?

“People compliment my butt. I have a Cuban butt. And my eyebrows—I do them myself and I leave them thick and natural.”

Ever tempted to change them?

“One time I let someone do them and I ended up with every-girl-thin-arched eyebrows. I cried so much.”

What does your dad say about your looks?

“He says never overdo it. He thinks subtle is beautiful.”

Do you always listen?

“When I was 15,I begged for a belly-button ring, but my parents said no. My friend got a fake one, so I put it on, and it looked real. My dad freaked out and said it had better be off by tomorrow. He had steam coming out of his ears.”

Kathryn Eastwood

AGE: 17

BIO: Miss Golden Globe 2005 and a high school senior in Hawaii (Mom is Eastwood’s former girlfriend, Jacelyn Reeves).

Which of your dad’s looks got passed on to you?

“He has green eyes and I have a little green in my eyes.”

Have your parents ever offered any beauty tips?

“They never gave me much advice. They just sort of let me come into my own.”

What was being Miss Golden Globe like?

“I got my hair and makeup done and got dressed—it was fun. When I went to prom, I did my own hair and makeup.”

How about following in Dad’s footsteps?

“I love acting, but I want to work with animals. I would love to be a wild-animal trainer someday.”

Katie Flynn

AGE: 23

BIO: Actress and documentary filmmaker (Dad is Seymour’s third husband, David Flynn, a financial advisor)

Has your mother shared any beauty secrets?

“She has always told me, ‘Never dye your hair.’ And she says, ‘Don’t ever do anything that is permanent.’ And I haven’t. I’m not a wild child at all.”

Do you have a beauty routine?

“I’m afraid I’m not much of a self-groomer. I wear sunscreen. I’ve been taking care of my skin all my life because I am very fair.”

No makeup?

“I’ll wear some eye shadow occasionally, but nothing fancy, usually something in copper or brownish or Maybe green. And I’ll put a bit of white in the corner of my eyes for emphasis when I dress up.”

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