August 15, 1988 12:00 PM

Okay, people always cry at weddings, but the well-wishers attending the recent nuptials of tennis ace Chris Evert and former American downhill ski champ Andy Mill had ample reason to wet their hankies. As Evert’s sister and matron of honor, Jeanne Dubin, explains, the couple had a lot of tricky turns to negotiate. “They fell in love the first time they met,” says Dubin. “People started saying they were getting serious too soon, because they both were just separated. So they had to overcome that and wait. They would’ve gotten married last year if they could have. That’s why the wedding was so emotional, because they’d waited so long.”

It all began on a snowy New Year’s Eve in 1986 at an Aspen hotel. Evert, now 33, and Mill, 35, swept each other off their feet, dancing until 2 a.m. To many, the couple’s timing seemed way off. Andy, a skiing commentator on cable TV, and his wife of nine years, Robin, had just split, and he was reeling. Meanwhile, Chris was trying to put her life back together after the crumbling of her eight-year marriage to Brit tennis player John Lloyd.

Yet the romance seemed to thrive under adversity, especially when Robin began hurling insults in the lovers’ direction. She sold a story to the British tabs of how Chris “stole” her husband, trying to make Andy look like a gold digger. Mills and Evert held their ground and denied all. Chris got her divorce in April 1987, Andy got his in March of this year, and the stage was set for their own wedding.

The ceremony took place July 30 on the grounds of the Polo Club in Boca Raton, Fla., where Evert lives. At 6:15 p.m., to the strains of Handel’s Water Music, the bride marched down the aisle. She wore a white cloque tealength gown with a drop waist and big puff sleeves, which she’d purchased at Saks. Her diamond necklace matched her earrings and the large engagement ring on her left hand, in which she carried a bouquet of orchids and ferns. In addition to Dubin, Evert’s bridesmaids included her best friend, Ana Leaird, her doubles partner, Wendy Turnbull, and her other sister, Clare Evert. The groom’s party included best man Ric McLain, a skier who served as best man at Mill’s first wedding, and race car driver Danny Sullivan as an usher.

More than 100 guests watched as vows were exchanged before the presiding judge under an archway laced with ferns and flowers. Then it was on to the reception, where celeb guest Lynda Carter serenaded the couple with their wedding song, Just You and I. A seven-piece band picked up the tunes thereafter as the guests chowed down. The main course: côtes de veau grandes, chanterelle sauce, and pommes William, otherwise known as grilled veal chops with mushroom sauce and pear-shaped potatoes coated with almonds. Chrissie planned all the details of the ceremony, right down to the menu. As always, her service was impeccable.

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