April 29, 1991 12:00 PM

LOVE IS ALWAYS IN THE AIR…IT’S A kiss, it’s a look, it’s a foreign affair,” sings Princess Stephanie of Monaco in a voice sort of like Cyndi Lauper crooning in a palace hallway. The singing Princess is working on her own foreign affair. No, not a new boyfriend. She’s getting her musical act together (again) and taking it on the road to promote Stephanie, her first English-language album, launched earlier this month in Europe.

Accompanied by a Labrador puppy called Funny Face, Stephanie, 26, is trouping hard to promote the disc. There’s a video in the works, and she’s doing radio shows and making TV appearances across the Continent. During a gig on the hot French TV show Stars 90 last week, she sang the album’s hit single “Winds of Chance” (“You gotta get away to be who you want to be”), then got down with the steamy “Sky Fall Down” (“Tie me up in knots of lovin’/Shoot me full of shots of lovin’…”).

Critics were gentle in France but, according to London’s Daily Mail, not in Germany, where a critic sniffed, “Pity she had to choose singing as a profession.” Still, pans didn’t hurt her first single, the syrupy 1986 “Ouragan” (Hurricane), which became a rage among Euro-boppers and outsold Madonna in France, racking up 5 million in worldwide sales (it was not released in the U.S.). Steph’s debut album, the French-language Besoin (Need), went gold the next year.

Stephanie coproducer Michael Verdick, an engineer on Madonna‘s True Blue, thinks the two women have similar élan: “They’re both very visible in the public eye, and they take their hits in the press, but they go on and do their work.”

U.S. listeners will get a chance to judge for themselves this time, when Stephanie hits American stores this summer. Says Steph’s ex-beau Ron Bloom, a Los Angeles music man who coproduced the album: “People are going to be surprised. They forget Stephanie is half American—she can hang with the best Philadelphia accent out there.” Dick Clark, where are you just when we need American Bandstand again?

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