November 28, 2005 12:00 PM



A 15-second daydream* starring England’s intense leading man

1. You’re sitting in a London café with a pot of brewed-to-perfection tea and the ultimate cashmere sweater (it’s cozy and slimming).

2. A draft of cool air rushes in. Clive Owen, 41, is standing in the doorway, looking even more smoldering than he does onscreen: tall (6’2″), dark, with green eyes like emerald bullets.

3. He’s coming toward you.

4. He silently grabs your hand and leads you outside, where a Bentley awaits. You hop in and…

5. You instantly know why Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston have all clamored to share the screen with him. Amazing.

*Alas, Mr. Owen is married with two daughters. But a girl can dream!



Since Nicole Kidman showed up on the back of his Harley in July, the mystique meter has soared for the 38-year-old multi-platinum country rocker from Caboolture, Queensland. The draw?

Dolly Parton: “I spent several hours with him recording ‘The Twelth of Never’ for my new CD. The longer I was with him, the sexier he got. I couldn’t keep my mind on my business.”

Miranda Lambert (opening act on Urban’s national tour); “Besides the fact that he’s hot and speaks with an accent…he’s vulnerable yet mysterious and smells really good.”

Wynonna Judd: “Keith has heart and soul, He’s not afraid to be himself and be authentic, which is rare in this business. I love him dearly, and I’m glad to see that good guys do finish first.”

Marienne Urban (Keith’s mom): “Out of the blue, for no reason, a big bunch of flowers will arrive at the door with a card that says ‘Love you, Mum.’ ”



He’s the world’s top-ranked tennis player and his sport’s newest goodwill ambassador. Away from the game, the 24-year-old Basel native has sharpened up his look. What’s behind his very cool achievements?

Control: “I’m much more composed than I used to be. Everybody told me I had to relax. I still throw my racket occasionally, but very seldom. Once every couple of months maybe.”

A new haircut: “I was getting sick and tired of long hair, and it got shorter and shorter, so we asked [celebrity hairstylist] Sally Hershberger. We got good feedback. I feel more comfortable. It looks better off-court. Sometimes I really liked it on-court, and off-court it was horrible.”

An updated wardrobe: “When I began receiving all these awards, I remember looking into my closet and I had like one or two suits. When I got the first Prada suit I was so happy to wear a suit like that because there was stretch. It felt like a tracksuit.”

True love: He recently gave longtime girlfriend and former player Mirka Vavrinec, 27, a rock for her left ring finger. An engagement ring? According to Vavrinec, “it’s an ‘I love you very much’ ring!”



He played opposite Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai; in December he stars in Memoirs of a Geisha. But the 46-year-old actor would never dream of boasting about his successes-it’s not his style. What is?

Humility: Even his name in Japanese means modesty. The anti-Hollywood leading man, he doesn’t believe in compliments. “When I get one, I try to forget it. If you remember compliments too much, it might make you feel good, but it’s important to stay down-to-earth,” he says.

Discipline: “There is a Japanese saying, Too much of a good thing is a bad thing. I live by that. I have everything under control. No indulgences.”

Simplicity: “I walk my dog every day and that’s how I keep in shape. I’m very careful about my eating habits.”

Adaptability: “Japanese restaurants try hard to be authentic, but I miss my food,” he admits, revealing his one weakness. “I have things sent over to L.A.” His culinary needs: “basic things like condiments, special rices or noodles that you can only get in Japan.”

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