August 21, 2006 12:00 PM

Jen’s Friends: NEW & OLD

It’s true: JENNIFER ANISTON and VINCE VAUGHN have gone their separate ways lately. While he’s been off traveling, she’s been directing a short film for Glamour‘s Reel Moments series in L.A. and nesting with her new puppy (right)—who’s already getting along great with her loyal corgi terrier mix Norman. No trouble in paradise, though: Vaughn is back in town until he starts work on Fred Claus in London in the fall. And, during an Aug. 2 double date with Aniston’s BFF COURTENEY COX ARQUETTE and DAVID ARQUETTE at Wolfgang Puck’s new steakhouse Cut, at the Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel, an eyewitness was struck by how “really sweet Jennifer and Vince looked together.”


It’s been nearly two months since Aaron Spelling’s death, but for TORI SPELLING and her mother, CANDY, the family drama is alive and, well, nasty. Tori had an ABC tribute in the works for her father, a source tells Insider, “but Candy had it killed.” Because of bad blood with her daughter? Longtime Candy rep Kevin Sasaki insists that, since an homage to the legendary TV producer is in the works for the Aug. 27 Emmy Awards, the matriarch simply “didn’t think it was the right time.”



DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER put on their party hats for SOLEIL MOON FRYE’s 30th b-day in L.A. Aug. 6. Moore’s daughters RUMER, SCOUT and TALLULAH joined in the festivities—but didn’t detract from date night. “Ashton was very loving,” notes a source.

He may be 80, but TONY BENNETT still knows how to party. KATIE COURIC (who joined revelers BRUCE WILLIS and JOHN TRAVOLTA) deemed his Aug. 3 bash in N.Y.C. “the party of the year.”

JC CHASEZ marked the 3-0 milestone at L.A.’s On the Rox with famous friends including JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE (left) and CAMERON DIAZ (who “kissed and cuddled,” one partygoer reports).

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