September 26, 2005 12:00 PM


Orlando Bloom gladly stoked rumors of a romance with costar Kirsten Dunst during the Sept. 10 Elizabethtown premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, pulling a Tom Cruise by crashing one of her interviews to rave about how “wonderful” Dunst is, while hugging her tightly. Then, when we asked what he’d like for Christmas, Bloom said, “Kirsten by my side—she’s all I need to have.” But what of Dunst’s on-off boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal? He was also in Toronto Sept. 10, for his drama Brokeback Mountain, but he and Dunst were no-shows at each other’s screenings. While a source says, “I’m not sure they’re still on,” a pal of Jake’s notes, “He’s obsessed with Kirsten. He risks other relationships because all he wants to do is spend time with her.” And on Sept. 11, Dunst and Gyllenhaal arrived together at a private gala in Toronto for Bee Season—featuring a tiny role for Bloom’s sometime sweetie, an absent Kate Bosworth. “Kirsten and Jake continue to be friends,” says Dunst’s rep. “It’s not likely that you’ll see either one on the red carpet with each other—it just fuels tabloid speculation.”


The Alias folks are still unsure of Sydney Bristow’s fate when Jennifer Garner becomes a mom this fall. “So it’s been a real push to film her as much as possible, since she’s in every episode,” says a show source. “Jennifer’s been accommodating, but she tires easily.” It’s tough off the set, too: Garner tripped at the Creative Arts Emmys Sept. 11. But Ben Affleck caught her and joked that she can’t wear heels anymore.


Robert Downey Jr. couldn’t have been giddier when Insider caught up with him at the Toronto premiere of his comedic thriller Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, where he was gleefully introducing his new wife, producer Susan Levin, as “Susan Downey.” In town for the annual film festival, the couple, who wed Aug. 27 and just got back from honeymooning in the South of France, tell us wedded bliss is familiar territory. “We’ve been acting like an old married couple from the beginning,” says Downey. “In a good way!” adds his wife, to which a playful Downey responds, “She has become just a bit more needy in the last two weeks—but I was high-maintenance all along, so she’s just trying to catch up.”


Word has it that Matthew McConaughey and Penélope Cruz are upping their commitment level. The actor recently fired his agent—and we hear it’s because he’d like to slow down for a while and start a family with Penelope. “He’s ready to have kids and spend more time in Austin,” says a source. His rep had no comment…. We caught Ryan Cabrera geeking out to Duran Duran at the Sept. 7 Imperia Vodka launch party at the Statue of Liberty. He tells us his ex Ashlee Simpson‘s new CD is more intense than her debut, adding, “I’ve only listened to a few tracks, but what I’ve heard is awesome.”

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