By Mark Dagostino Marisa Laudadio
February 07, 2005 12:00 PM


  • Ah, the Sundance Film Festival. Time again for Hollywood stars to drop in on tiny Park City, Utah, to party, grab free stuff and occasionally go see a movie. This year the nightlife-loving set didn’t even have to leave behind their favorite hot spot. Marquee, the hip Manhattan club (see page 113), ventured out West to open a temporary Sundance outpost, which quickly became the place to be for partygoers. Spotted in the club’s highly exclusive Shutterfly/Panasonic VIP room on one typical night: Pam Anderson sitting on boyfriend Stephen Dorff’s lap; Aussie actors Naomi Watts and Simon Baker, who had managed to slip six friends into the packed club; Tobey Maguire and girlfriend Jen Meyer snapping digital pics of actor pal Lukas Haas; and Paris Hilton, who danced with sister Nicky while Paris’s ex, actor Simon Rex, stood less than five feet away.
  • Speaking of former couples, the pair that really had tongues wagging at the festival were actress Shannen Doherty and businessman Rick Salomon. The two, who were married for nine months in 2002, cuddled at Marquee Jan. 21, and on Jan. 24 the pair hit the Levi’s Ranch, where Doherty abruptly announced it was Salomon’s birthday (the crowd dutifully sang “Happy Birthday”). At least one person wasn’t impressed with the rekindled romance: On Jan. 21 at Marquee, Paris Hilton—who starred in an infamous sex video with Salomon—sat just a few feet away from the couple and was overheard saying, “She must be really desperate. He’s so gross.”


If there was an It Girl during Sundance’s first weekend, it was former Playboy vixen Jenny McCarthy, who came to promote Dirty Love, a comedy that she wrote and stars in. Love had crowds buzzing and had grabbed the interest of several distributors. McCarthy took advantage of the limelight: By the third day of the festival, she had picked up a ton of freebies, more than $125,000 worth by her estimate. “I’m not exaggerating,” says the actress. “Leather jackets, Blackberries, four mobile phones, cameras, atrip to the Bahamas, a cruise, a trip to [Mexico], glasses, coats, Escada purses.” And what is she going to do with four phones? “Garage sale! Hello!”


Hundreds of partygoers, including Elijah Wood (and his posse of 20), Casey Affleck, Jared Leto, Paul Walker, Danny Masterson and his girlfriend, Bijou Phillips, stream out of Motorola’s Late Night Lounge into the frigid night air after a prankster pulls the fire alarm at 2:30 a.m…. Maggie Gyllenhaal and Peter Sarsgaard make out so passionately at the Biolage suite that a publicist throws a jacket over them and tells them to “take it outside.”… Happy Endings‘ Lisa Kudrow downs vodka shots with husband Michel Stern and director Don Roos while the group picks out free jeans at the Motorola Lodge…. Actress Connie Nielsen and her boyfriend, Metallica drummer Lars Ulrich, rock out to the sounds of Juliette Lewis’s band the Licks at famed Park City watering hole Harry O’s.