May 09, 2005 12:00 PM

FRESH from a three-month Hollywood hiatus, a ringless Nicole Kidman showed up solo at star-studded Vanity Fair’s April 20 TriBeCa Film Festival party in Manhattan. Though she spent the night talking with Jay-Z, she had to adjust to the Oscar-like vibe. “This is all a bit, ‘Whoa,’ ” she admitted to us. Outside, Robin Williams—filming The Night Listener nearby—hopped into the paparazzi pit, then nabbed a mike to interview a puzzled David Bowie.


Six days in the jet-setting life of Lindsay Lohan: April 19 Joins friends at Hollywood club Nacional past midnight, just after flying in from New York City…

APRIL 20 Dines with Insider and her friends at Dominick’s. Lohan tell us she’s happy to be back on the LA scene before heading next door to Guy’s bar….

APRIL 21 At Hollywood’s Montmartre Lounge she takes time to chat with Tara Reid, mending their formerly frosty relationship enough so that both join Paris Hilton at Prey afterward….

APRIL 22 Drops by a Race to Erase MS charity event but ends up at Spider Club in a booth not far from ex Wilmer Valderrama‘s…

APRIL 23 Shops at Intuition, buying a new wardrobe—wraps, shorts, tanks (see above), T-shirts and tennis shoes—for her vacation in the tropics. Hits Shelter, then settles in at the Chrome Bar downstairs…

APRIL 24 Saying she’s exhausted and can’t wait to get away, Lohan leaves for an island in the Caribbean….

APRIL 19 Mark Wahlberg pulls to New York City’s Marquee at 12:30 a.m. in a bronze Mercury Sable and takes a VIP table stocked with bottles of vodka and buckets of Bud Light. Half an hour later Leo DiCaprio also shows up in the VIP area, but while the two actors are just days away from costarring in Martin Scorsese‘s The Departed, they hardly interact….

APRIL 23 P. Diddy, Jamie Foxx and their large posse whoop it up in hip-hop VIP area of Miami Beach’s Opium Garden. At one point both dance on the bar as Diddy pours drinks for attractive females in the crowd.

Carmen Electra doubled her fun by ringing in her 33rd birthday twice. On April 21, in a VIP corner of the Pioneer Electronics party at the Montmartre Lounge in Hollywood, Electra blew out candles on a white vanilla cake, while husband Dave Navarro and guests cheered. Two days later Navarro hosted a smaller family get-together. The homey spread featured Domino’s Pizza, make-your-own sundaes and a flash from the B-day girl. “I want to have a baby,” she told us, “I’m inspired by the news of Britney Spears.”

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