By Mark Dagostino
August 23, 2004 12:00 PM


When your day job is frolicking in the playgrounds of the rich and famous, what do you do for a vacation? If you’re O.C. star Mischa Barton, you take a month-long trip to France with your family. “I went to Paris,” says Barton. “I checked out museums and shops. Then I went to St. Tropez with everyone.” And by everyone, she means boyfriend Brandon Davis, who joined her at the seaside resort. “We did nothing. Just hung out on the beach and played with my little sister,” she says. Now Barton is rested for the second season of The O.C., which has already shot three episodes. What’s new? “We’re going to have [more] bands come on the show,” the actress says. The producers even added a music stage to the set.


Although many reality TV stars have continued to mine their 16th minute of fame, Survivor: All Stars villainess Jerri Manthey hasn’t enjoyed the same afterglow. “It’s really been a bad experience,” she says. “I don’t think I was treated fairly. It hurts to be hated.” She has, however, found solace in her personal life: She’s dating musician Bryan Foley. “We’ve been together almost a year,” she says, adding that they have no plans to wed. “I try not to pressure him, but you never know.” Don’t expect to see them at the wedding of Survivor alums Rob Mariano and Amber Brkich. “They don’t seem interested in staying in touch,” says Manthey.


Naomi Watts: sexy, talented, gassy? When the actress got into bed to film a love scene with Peter Krause (Six Feet Under) for the new drama We Don’t Live Here Anymore, she hit the remote control to a hidden gag machine that made a flatulent sound. “She let one rip!” says costar Mark Ruffalo. Everybody on the set was in on the joke—except Krause. “He was trying to pretend like he didn’t hear her,” says Ruffalo. “He’s very sweet that way.”


Has Jaron Lowenstein, half of the identical-twin pop duo Evan and Jaron, met another perfect partner in Lara Flynn Boyle? Reps had no comment, though she picked him up at LAX Aug. 6 (far left), and a day later the pair were spotted picking up Mexican food in Malibu.


Bethany Hamilton, 14, the Hawaiian surfer who lost her left arm in a shark attack, is taping a segment for the ABC family reality show Switched. She’ll trade places for five days with a teen who will go to Hawaii and learn to surf…. Drew Barrymore spent two days on the set of the Strokes’ latest video last week, tending to her sweetheart, drummer Fabrizio Moretti, who was hobbling around on crutches between shots. (He had knee surgery.) The two were spotted kissing during down time.