February 16, 2004 12:00 PM


Courtney Love is poised to rise again. Her new CD, America’s Sweetheart, hits stores Feb. 10. The next day she’s due in court for a hearing on two felony counts for possession of painkillers. The rocker’s Jan. 27 hearing was postponed, but she met privately with the judge which, a source tells me, “was positive for Courtney.” Having completed 28 days in rehab last month, Love looks healthy and regularly sees her 11-year-old daughter Frances Bean, who’s living with Kurt Cobain’s mom. Now I hear she’s got a new baby: Love is shopping a book proposal to publishers that she hopes will fetch seven figures. Love Story promises a collection of writing, personal letters and Polaroids the actress-singer took at concerts, movie sets and fashion shoots.


Condolences to Adam Sandler, whose beloved bulldog Meatball passed away Jan. 26. The 4-year-old, whose drinking and drooling problems were well-chronicled on the actor’s Web page, also appeared in Little Nicky. Sandler held a memorial service at his Malibu home for more than 100 people and served a cake that featured Meatball’s face. Guests received T-shirts with the dog’s image. As for the actor’s other bulldog, Matzoball is sad but fine.


After shooting the final scene of Friends, David Schwimmer, Jennifer Aniston and Matt LeBlanc were the last to leave, lingering to sip margaritas and bid adieu to the 10 years they spent on Stage 24. Schwimmer managed a parting gift on his way out: one of Ross’s paleontology diplomas wound up in his car. “I don’t know how that happened,” he says with a wink. Schwimmer, who racked up director’s credits on 10 episodes of Friends, is in preproduction on a pilot for NBC called Home and Hardware, starring American Pie‘s Alyson Hannigan, which he’ll direct. And after he completes his role in the indie feature Duane Hopwood, Schwimmer is set to direct several episodes of LeBlanc’s spinoff Joey, which, incidentally, will tape on the set that was home to Friends.


I bumped into Queen Latifah recently and, wow, she looked good. Since her Oscar-nominated turn in Chicago last year, Latifah has dropped 35 lbs., and she tells me that she intends to shed another 20 to 25. For her it’s more about feeling healthy and energetic than fitting into, say, Halle Berry‘s jeans. “I don’t want to be too skinny,” she says. “But I’ve got a few movies coming out, so I want to look good.” Her secret? A daily one-hour workout with trainer Jeanette Jenkins, who alternates cross-training, Pilates, yoga and hiking. Jenkins also removed “bad things” from Latifah’s fridge and told her chef to cut the focaccia. But the star, who appears in Barbershop 2, is no fanatic, we are happy to report. “I still have a drink and a smoke now and then,” she says.


BARBRA STREISAND, reportedly being sought to play BEN STILLER’s mother in Meet the Fockers, says she hasn’t seen a script, but she’s occupied with two projects: building a third house on her Malibu property to store music, scripts and photos, and marriage to JAMES BROLIN. “I’m very happy,” she says….

COLIN FARRELL and actress BAI LING kept busy at the Bangkok Film Festival text messaging each other before meeting for drinks….

TARA REID, JOHNNY KNOXVILLE and My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé‘s STEVE BAILEY had the daylights scared out of them when their Continental jet was hit by lightning en route to L.A. from the Super Bowl. The plane landed safely.

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