May 24, 2004 12:00 PM


Singer. Actor. Baker? Justin Timberlake sure is versatile. After wrapping five weeks of shooting on his first feature film, Edison, Timberlake prepared a special surprise for the cast and crew. “He showed up on-set with a pie he made himself from an old family recipe as a thank you,” says producer Randall Emmett of the chocolate, pecan and whipped cream treat. Justin is finding that his fans are everywhere, even in the toon world. In Shrek 2, Princess Fiona, voiced by Timberlake’s girlfriend Cameron Diaz, has a poster of “Sir Justin” above her bed. The animators came up with the idea as an inside joke, and Diaz approved the bit. Says producer David Lipman: “She thought it was really funny.”


Former Bachelor Andrew Firestone reconnected last weekend with an old flame: Tina Panas, better known to the show’s fans as Tina Fabulous. Panas, who lives in Oconomowoc, Wis., came to support Firestone in a celebrity auto race in nearby Elkhart Lake. But having a friendly face around didn’t help. Firestone flipped his car and hit a concrete barrier. (He escaped without injury.) As for his relationship with Panas, Firestone says, “I hadn’t spoken to her in over a year. I thought it would be a shame to be in town and not say hello. I promise you there is absolutely zero possibility of romance.”


NICOLE KIDMAN has been keeping busy in New York. On May 6 she caught neo-soul diva ANGIE STONE’S concert at Irving Plaza. Four nights later Kidman attended a small Manhattan dinner party, where she peppered JOHN NEGROPONTE, the new ambassador to Iraq, with questions about how the U.S. is perceived in the Arab world….

Did CHARLIZE THERON get engaged to STUART TOWNSEND? “I’ve heard [that] quite a bit in the last few days,” says the Oscar winner. Is it true? In a word? “No!” she says.


In April 2003 Jack Osbourne checked into rehab to begin his battle with drug addiction, and at a recent Cedars-Sinai benefit, the MTV reality star told us life couldn’t be better. “Everything is really clear,” says Osbourne, 18, who’s celebrating his first anniversary of getting clean. Now that sister Kelly is following his lead—she’s been to a Malibu treatment center for addiction to painkillers—he hopes to “lead by example.” Says Jack: “Kelly is doing really well.”


Giving romance an outside chance, Kill Bill star Uma Thurman and her hotelier beau Andre Balazs shared a table for two—and plenty of premeal smooching—on May 7 in Manhattan’s West Village.

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