By Zorianna Kit
May 10, 2004 12:00 PM


The coffee mugs haven’t even grown cold at Central Perk, and already Joey is making his move. With the rest of the world eagerly awaiting the Friends May 6 finale, Matt LeBlanc has turned his focus to the spinoff series Joey. The pilot for the new show was shot on Saturday, April 24, on the old Friends soundstage. The actor brought plenty of support: His wife, Melissa, and their 2-month-old daughter Marina were there, as was his former castmate David Schwimmer, who plans to direct several episodes of his pal’s new series.


Rebecca RomijnStamos looked dazzling at the April 22 L.A. premiere of her drama Godsend, her first public appearance since announcing her split from husband John Stamos 10 days earlier. “I’m doing okay,” said the actress, 31. “I’ve been spending a lot of time with my friends, just hanging out at home.” Romijn-Stamos says she’s headed to Yosemite in a few weeks for some outdoor therapy. “I’m going to bring my dog and do some hiking,” says the star, who grew up in Northern California. “I spent every summer there as a kid. I love Yosemite.”


New mama Kate Hudson arrived on the New Orleans set of the thriller Skeleton Key in fighting trim. She’s shed the 60 or so pounds she reportedly gained during her pregnancy, thanks to an intense cardio program designed by sports medicine guru Dr. Joseph Horrigan, who helped Tobey Maguire get in shape to play a jockey in Seabiscuit. “Kate trained like an elite athlete,” says a source. Though she’s back in shape and returning to work, the newly svelte actress hasn’t forgotten her motherly duties: She brought her 3-month-old son Ryder to the shoot so she can nurse between takes.


Cyclist Lance Armstrong and singer Sheryl Crow just keep spinning along. The couple will be staying together in Spain this summer while Armstrong trains for the Tour de France, which starts in July. Crow has even cycled with her man, though she’s “just a spectator at heart.”…

What a difference a year makes! Last summer The Apprentice‘s Bill Rancic, an online cigar salesman, showed up uninvited to Bill Murray‘s golf tournament in Chicago to peddle his stogies. This year Murray invited the reality-show winner to play in the July 11 event….

Why was Jessica Simpson wearing goggle-like glasses at Manhattan’s Knitting Factory Monday night? Her rep tells me she had Lasik eye surgery earlier that day.