August 11, 2003 12:00 PM

Winona Ryder has a new beau, and surprise: He’s a singer. Ryder, 31, has started seeing Page Hamilton, 43, former frontman for the early-’90s hard-core band Helmet. To say the actress has a penchant for musicians would be an understatement. The string of Ryder’s rocker boyfriends now includes: Hamilton, Conor Oberst, the singer-songwriter also known as Bright Eyes, country-rock troubadour Ryan Adams, Soul Asylum’s Dave Pirner, and alt-rockers Pete Yorn, Dave Grohl and Beck.

In other news from the romance front: Add Lara Flynn Boyle and Lucy Liu to the growing list of Hollywood actresses dating younger men. The new guy in Boyle’s life is Jay Penske, an heir to the Penske automotive empire. A graduate of the Wharton School of Business who’s now a fledgling entrepreneur, Penske is nine years younger than Boyle (she’s 33, he’s 24). The two were introduced by a mutual friend about two months ago. Liu’s new love is playwright Zach Helm, who’s six years younger than the 34-year-old Charlie’s Angels star. Helm’s play, Last Chance for a Slow Dance, starring John Heard, opened in upstate New York on June 28.

A rainstorm almost ruined Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s July 11 wedding, which had been planned as an outdoor ceremony at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. (She ended up moving the nuptials indoors to a glass atrium.) Now she’s had to cancel her honeymoon with A.J. Discala because, of all things, a volcano erupted. On July 13 the newlyweds arrived in Puerto Rico to catch a flight to the Caribbean island of Nevis when they found out that all flights in the area had been canceled because a volcano on nearby Montserrat had started spewing thick clouds of ash. After waiting it out for three days in San Juan, they called it quits and returned home to Palm Beach, Fla. Sigler and Discala are now planning to go on their honeymoon in September after shooting on the Sopranos wraps.

Warren Beatty?

Mick Jagger? James Taylor? One of the great mysteries of rock has always been: Who is the subject of Carly Simon’s 1972 hit “You’re So Vain”? Simon has never revealed the answer, but now the truth is nigh—at least for one lucky fan. At an Aug. 4 auction on Martha’s Vineyard to raise money for the island’s community services, Simon will tell one winning bidder who her inspiration for the song really was. The lucky buyer will also get to have lunch at Simon’s home on the Vineyard and hear her perform the song in private. One caveat: The winner must sign an agreement never to reveal the secret.


Ozzy Osbourne is writing a musical based on the life of Rasputin. The goal? Broadway….

Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey dropped into L.A.’s Suss Design to buy $65 worth of yarn so Bullock, an avid knitter, could teach McConaughey how to crochet….

Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock had a quiet dinner at the Palm in L.A. on July 23 and, according to a source, acted “very affectionate.” Afterwards, a fan at an adjacent table picked up their $150 tab.

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