December 29, 2003 12:00 PM


Turns out the fairy-tale romance of Bachelor Bob Guiney and Estella Gardinier was just that: a fairy tale. After he gave her a diamond in the series finale taped last September, the two talked on the phone and met once but weren’t allowed to see each other publicly until the episode aired Nov. 19. By that time, however, the relationship was dead in the water—although Guiney and Gardinier continued to insist they were a couple, even appearing together on Oprah Nov. 21. When they attended Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter’s wedding Dec. 6, they barely spoke. To Gardinier’s dismay, says a Bachelor source, “Bob just doesn’t want a relationship right now.”


Romance has broken out on the Ed set. Three of the show’s stars have gotten engaged in the last several weeks, including Julie Bowen, whose boyfriend, software executive Scott Phillips, proposed over Thanksgiving. “It’s an epidemic,” says Lesley Boone, who plays principal Molly Hudson. Ed coproducer Larry Teng popped the question to her in an elaborate ruse involving the cast and a fake scene. Also engaged: JanaMarie Hupp, who plays Nancy Burton, to photographer Marc Royce.


So what’s cooking over at Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt‘s place? Nothing yet, but the Friends star plans to change all that. Now that she and her husband have finally settled into their 12,000-sq.-ft. mansion in Beverly Hills after a two-year renovation, Aniston wants to get down to business in her favorite room—the kitchen. The only problem: She can’t cook. When Aniston told Pitt that she’s eager to learn, he promptly hired a private chef to show both of them their way around a stove. Getting the actress to expand her culinary horizons may be tough, however. “I won’t eat anything that I don’t like,” says Aniston, who doesn’t care for Greek, Indian, Chinese or spicy food. “I am a creature of habit.”


When he filmed his small role as Piper Perabo’s boyfriend in Cheaper by the Dozen, Ashton Kutcher brought girlfriend Demi Moore to the set. Not that it was necessarily his idea, since Perabo and Kutcher were scheduled to lock lips in their first scenes together. Meeting Moore, Perabo quickly broke the ice, saying, “Hi, you’re gorgeous! I’ll be kissing your boyfriend in about 10 minutes.” Moore looked amused, but Perabo didn’t push her luck by asking for any rehearsals. Says the 27-year-old: “You don’t want to kick the beehive.”

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