By Mark Dagostino
July 14, 2003 12:00 PM

After July 11, The Sopranos‘ Jamie-Lynn Sigler will disappear. No, not in the sense that Tony Soprano’s enemies disappear. But she’ll be getting married that day, and in a move that’s unusual for an actress, she’s changing her professional name to Jamie-Lynn Discala. “I’m traditional,” says Sigler. Meanwhile, she and her fiancé-manager, A.J. Discala, will throw separate bachelor and bachelorette parties simultaneously in Atlantic City over the Fourth of July weekend. I hear that the two groups plan to combine shindigs for a late-night blowout at the new Borgata Casino.

Billy Crystal’s in a family way: The funnyman just became a grandfather. His daughter, actress Jennifer Crystal Foley (Once and Again), and her husband, writer Michael Foley (American Dreams), welcomed Ella Ryan Foley June 20 in L.A. And when it comes to gushing about his first grandchild, don’t get him started: “I’m on cloud 10,” Crystal tells me. “I can see nine from here.”

Survivor: The Amazon beauties Jenna Morasca and Heidi Strobel, who pose nude together in the new Playboy, are mama’s girls at heart. Despite winning the $1 million prize, Morasca is still living in Pittsburgh with her mom, Carla, who’s battling cancer. And Strobel, who will use her Playboy modeling fee to pay for nursing school this fall, brought her mom, Kathy Dugas, along with her from small-town Missouri to the Playboy party at Suede in Manhattan last week. So what does Strobel’s mom think of the feature? “I think it’s great,” she says. “They’re beautiful girls—like angels.”

Fans of Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath may have noticed that the Virgin Mary tattoo on the right side of his neck is slowly disappearing. But it isn’t divine intervention: It’s the result of laser treatments. McGrath’s decision to get the body art two years ago may have been a bit hasty. “Now I know why they put bars next to tattoo parlors,” he says. The rocker is about halfway through the painful four-to five-step removal process, which requires local anesthesia. But don’t worry, ink fans. “I’m not done getting tattoos,” McGrath says. “I’m just not going to let Jack Daniel’s pick them out.”

Joseph Fiennes showed up at the L.A. premiere of his new movie Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas with a big scar on his lower lip. Nine months ago the actor was in Australia surfing when he wiped out, hit a rock and tore his lip open. A buddy had to fish the nearly unconscious Fiennes out of the water and drive him to a hospital. He’s now hesitant to get in the water, which is a bit ironic given that his movie with Brad Pitt is about seafaring adventurers. “Lately I’ve stuck to hiking,” Fiennes says. “I feel safer on drier land.”

FAST TAKES: At the end of the Bad Boys 2 shoot last January, a generous Will Smith bought bottles of Dom Pérignon for the entire cast and crew—approximately 300 bottles….

Will & Grace star Sean Hayes celebrated his 33rd birthday with Celine Dion at her Caesars Palace show June 27. After a preshow meeting, Celine led the entire crowd in a rendition of “Happy Birthday.”