July 07, 2003 12:00 PM

As a producer, Drew Barrymore certainly is thoughtful. For wrap gifts on Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, she gave the cast and crew wrist-watch walkie-talkies and boogie boards. But her most generous present went to costar Demi Moore, who originally received about $2 million for the movie. Which isn’t bad for an actress in a supporting role, but it’s a far cry from the $12.5 million Moore earned as the star of Striptease in 1996, when she was the highest-paid actress in Hollywood. So, “out of respect for her as an actress,” a source close to Full Throttle says, Barrymore gave her 1 percent of her 12 percent take of the box office, which should amount to a couple million dollars more for Moore. Given the actress’s deliciously evil performance and the attention she’s generating lately by dating Ashton Kutcher, it’s money well spent.

Is Christina Aguilera unhappy playing second fiddle to Justin Timberlake on their Justified and Stripped tour? That was the buzz backstage during recent shows in Las Vegas and Denver, where the pop star sounded grumpy and complained of fatigue. “Welcome to the Justified-Stripped tour, the Stripped-Justified tour, whatever you want to call it,” she told the crowd. She may also be feeling the sting of their shows not selling out, bad reviews and fans clamoring for Timberlake during her hour-long set. Her spokeswoman denies that Aguilera resents her supporting-role status. “Someone had to be first,” she says. “She’s just making fun of the tour’s name. She’s having a great time.”

Even romantic comedies can have plenty of drama. While making Jersey Girl with fiancé Ben Affleck last fall, Jennifer Lopez kept a watchful eye on costar Liv Tyler, who had a sizzling sex scene with Affleck in 1998’s Armageddon. Even though Lopez completed her part early in the production (her character dies and Affleck finds love again with Tyler), I’m told she made a point of being on the set whenever the two had a love scene. A rep for Lopez scoffs at the report: “It’s not her style to hover over her boyfriend.”

Though most major series are on summer hiatus, NBC’s Crossing Jordan is just about finished shooting the first six shows of next season. Star Jill Hennessy is six months pregnant, and the producers wanted to get as many episodes in the bag as they can. As it is, they’ve needed to use higher gurneys to hide Hennessy’s burgeoning belly. The actress, who’s due in October, and her husband, actor Paolo Mastropietro, are having a boy, but they haven’t chosen a name yet. Says Hennessy: “I feel like I need to meet the little guy first.”

Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter are inviting some of the bachelors who lost out on The Bachelorette to their wedding. Popular contestant Bob Guiney, who’ll star in the next installment of The Bachelor, is on the list (also receiving invites: some of the women who were on the first Bachelor with Rehn). Says Sutter: “I got to be great friends with some of the guys, and I don’t think there are any hard feelings. They are part of our journey to the altar, so we want them there.”

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