February 03, 2003 12:00 PM

After Sharon Osbourne told the nation that Mariah Carey had “the best boob job in the business” at the American Music Awards, gossip columnist Liz Smith reported that Carey was upset. But three days after the awards, Carey sent Osbourne a beautiful arrangement of roses and three bras (red, black and beige) from Victoria’s Secret with a note that read, “Dear Sharon, these are the best boob jobs in Hollywood. Love, Mariah.”

George Clooney, Hollywood’s biggest practical joker, loves to torment his costars (think canceled airline and hotel reservations). But on the Confessions of a Dangerous Mind set, there was no kidding around because he was too busy directing the movie. However, Clooney made up for lost time during the film’s press junket at a Manhattan hotel. He had asked his star Sam Rockwell to join him for dinner, but Rockwell canceled, saying he was too tired. Clooney’s retaliation was swift: Later that night he took the “Do Not Disturb” sign from Rockwell’s door and replaced it with a breakfast order for four people at 6 a.m.

Owen Wilson keeps an eye on his image—and his budget. While filming The Big Bounce, a Warner Bros, thriller that just wrapped in Hawaii, Wilson was offered a Mercedes convertible for his personal use by the studio. Fearing the luxury wheels would look out of place on the low-key north shore of Oahu, Wilson asked for a modest American-made sedan instead. And despite making $10 million for the movie, Wilson was glad to pocket the difference in the rental fee of the two cars—about $15,000.

Diana Lane deserves an Oscar nomination for her role in the romantic thriller Unfaithful. After all, how many actresses would have been able to keep a straight face while air bubbles from her costar’s underwear kept disrupting a sexy bathtub scene? Apparently the bubbling sound caused enough problems that she and Richard Gere had to later re-record some of their dialogue. At least he wore clothes this time around. When the two actors filmed a love scene in The Cotton Club some 20 years ago Gere was naked, Lane tells me. But as a callow 18-year-old she didn’t have the nerve to ask him why he was in the altogether. “I figured it was his creative choice,” Lane says with a laugh. “I just knew I’d stay on my side of the fence.”

Ever since Dharma & Greg ended its five-year run last season, Thomas Gibson has been splitting his time between his family (he and wife Cristina had their second son, Travis, seven months ago; J.P. is 3) and the golf course. The actor got to indulge both passions recently when he was invited to play in the pro-am portion of the PGA’s Mercedes Championships in Hawaii. Gibson and other celebs received an all-expenses-paid trip (including a suite at the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua), worth more than $10,000, to compete in the event. Not only did the actor take his family whale-watching, the actor, a 1-handicapper who played on a team with Dennis Hopper and Clint Eastwood, tied for first place.

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