January 27, 2003 12:00 PM

Nicole Kidman is dating again! Well, sort of. During an interview with a Sydney radio station last August, deejay and comedian Wil Anderson, one of the city’s most eligible bachelors, extracted an on-air promise from her that she would have a drink with him the next time she was in town. Then on Jan. 9 Anderson groused on his morning show that the actress had been seen in Sydney but had welshed on her deal. Within minutes of hearing the complaint, Kidman called in to set up a date. Which is why later that day Anderson and Kidman showed up together at Sydney’s North Bondi RSL, a beachside bar for retired soldiers. They drank beer and chatted for hours and even partook in an army social tradition by standing at sundown, facing west and reciting “For the Fallen,” an ode to Australian servicemen. But don’t expect to hear too much about this couple; at the bar Kidman was heard repeatedly telling Anderson, “This is not a date!”

Although The West Wing‘s Dulé Hill recently got engaged to his girlfriend of two years, actress Nicole Lyn, 24, the proposal and romantic evening that Hill had arranged didn’t exactly unfold according to plan. Hill, 27, had wanted to pop the question at the couple’s L.A. home, and he timed everything so that he would arrive just before the delivery of 365 red and lavender roses. But shooting on the NBC series ran late, delaying Hill. Then the courier who was supposed to deliver the three-carat ring that the actor had designed couldn’t get onto the studio lot. By the time Hill got home, the flowers had already arrived, tipping Lyn off. Still, the most important detail went according to plan: She said yes. The couple will wed in 2004.

On Presidio Med, Dana Delany plays an oncologist having an affair with a man 14 years her junior. The story line feels natural to Delany, she tells me, since her last boyfriend, wine-store owner Christian Navarro, was 11 years younger than she. They broke up two years ago and now he’s part of her “ex-files.” Delany recently went on an organizing spree and made folders of photos and letters for each of the five serious boyfriends she has had since 1978, including Treat Williams, Don Henley and China Beach producer John Sacret Young. “It was quite uplifting,” says the actress, who’s currently single. “I realized I’ve gone out with some really great men.”

How’s this for a talk show lineup: Adam Sandler, Paul McCartney, Jay Leno and Courtney Love. They all appear as guests on The Sharon Osbourne Show, but unfortunately you’ll never get to see them. The stars taped segments that were edited together for the pilot of Sharon’s upcoming syndicated talk show. All of them are friends of the Osbournes’, and except for McCartney, all taped their spots at various times last year while visiting the Osbournes’ L.A. home. The hour-long show will begin airing next fall in most major markets, but there are no plans to broadcast the pilot, which was used to sell the series to syndicators. So the public will never get to see Sharon talking to Love about drug addiction or to Sandler about getting slammed by critics.

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