September 30, 2002 12:00 PM

Eternal ladies’ man George Clooney has a new object of affection. The Ocean’s Eleven star is dating Jennifer Siebel, 28, an actress and producer whom he met a month ago through a mutual friend. Clooney certainly seems smitten: He recently flew Siebel to Las Vegas to join him while he wrapped his latest film, Intolerable Cruelty. And last week the couple shared a number of affectionate embraces outside her Beverly Hills apartment before he rode off on his motorcycle. Despite such public displays, a source close to the duo says Siebel has no designs on the future and is just enjoying the moment. Says the insider: “She’s not looking to get married.”

When is one wedding reception not enough? When you’re Lisa Marie Presley and Nicolas Cage. The newlyweds, who were married Aug. 10 in Hawaii, held a reception for 300 people on Sept. 14 at Rosenthal—The Malibu Estate, a 250-acre vineyard in the Santa Monica Mountains. The big shindig was to make up for the fact that only 30 of the couple’s closest friends and family were invited to their Hawaiian ceremony. No word yet on whether a second honeymoon is in the works as well.

It’s a shame he scotched plans to host a TV talk show, because Bill Clinton certainly can chat up celebs. On Sept. 6 he dropped in to visit Arnold Schwarzenegger on the L.A. set of Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Clinton watched some scenes being shot, then huddled with the star, a noted Republican, in his trailer to offer support for a California ballot initiative sponsored by Schwarzenegger to fund before-and after-school programs for kids. Arnold also filled in the former Commander in Chief on the plot for T3, which centers on a female Terminator played by Kristanna Loken. Too bad Clinton didn’t visit a few days later, when they shot the scenes of Loken’s bare-naked arrival on earth.

Hollywood connections can happen anytime, anyplace. Consider: The producers of Liberty’s Kids, a new PBS animated series about the birth of our nation, wanted to tap Dustin Hoffman to give voice to Benedict Arnold but struck out with Hoffman’s agents. Then the show’s talent coordinator Deborah Metlovsky and her 85-year-old mother, Janet Wolfe, ran into Hoffman at an L.A. Starbucks. Metlovsky had a script, so Wolfe went up to Hoffman, gave it to him and said, “If you do a voice on this series, you don’t have to sleep with me.” A tickled Hoffman agreed, which helped the producers land stars like Annette Bening, Billy Crystal and Ben Stiller for the project.

Guy Ritchie prefers to speak softly and carry a big stick. At least that was his MO while directing his wife, Madonna, in Swept Away, a remake of the 1975 drama about a spoiled socialite marooned on an island with a swarthy sailor. For Madonna‘s love scenes with Italian actor Adriano Giannini, Ritchie armed himself with a stick he picked up on the beach. No, he wasn’t out to whack Giannini if he got out of line. The director used the staff to point to body parts he wanted the actors to touch while filming their intimate encounters.

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