June 05, 2000 12:00 PM

A surrogate mother is carrying fraternal twins for Cheryl Tiegs, the ’70s supermodel, and her husband of two years, yoga guru Rod Stryker, 42. “I’m jealous of her,” says Tiegs, 52, who loved being pregnant with her son Zack, 8 (with her ex Anthony Peck), but was unable to conceive this time. Tiegs’s fertility doctor put her in contact with the unidentified surrogate, and the model’s own eggs and Stryker’s sperm were used. Although Tiegs knows that the babies, due at the end of July, are boys, she isn’t planning on naming them until after they come home from the hospital so she can “get more of a sense of them.” She won’t lack for baby gear. Some 55 women were expected at the shower thrown for Tiegs by Lyn Lear (wife of Norman) and Irena Medavoy (wife of motion picture exec Mike) on May 24 at Lear’s L.A. estate.

During a recent party at his house in Las Vegas, not only did boxer Mike Tyson tell guests that his wife of three years, Monica Turner, a pediatrician and the mother of two of his children, is divorcing him, he also showed off cameras in his bedroom that, he said, he uses to protect himself against any accusation of rape. I wonder if Tyson, whose one-year marriage to actress Robin Givens ended in 1989, will take those cameras on the road: He was convicted in 1992 of raping 18-year-old beauty queen Desiree Washington in an Indianapolis hotel room.

One of the few complaints about the HBO hit Sex and the City, which begins its third season June 4, is that it is unrealistic that none of its four open-minded female characters in New York City date anyone of a different race. Well, I hear that will change this season: Samantha (Kim Cattrall) gets romantically involved with a black man, despite his sister’s protests.

Ving Rhames had a special sparkle in his eye at last week’s premiere of Mission: Impossible 2. In the limo on the way to the premiere, Rhames, whose fiancée, Deborah Reed, is pregnant with the couple’s first child, felt their baby kick for the first time. The couple plan to name their daughter, due in September, Rainbow.

George Hamilton’s eight-month relationship with novelist Danielle Steel is off, and he’s getting back together with his ex-wife Alana Stewart. Sort of. Contrary to reports that the oft-married Steel didn’t want to go down the aisle again, a source tells me she wanted a stronger commitment than Hamilton was prepared to give. Now I understand that he and his ex-wife, whose 1995-96 TV talkfest, The George & Alana Show, flopped, will work together at Stan Lee Media Inc., an Internet company started by the Spider-Man co-creator.

Fast takes: I hear that former Ally McBeal costar Courtney Thorne-Smith is planning an October wedding in L.A. to her boyfriend of three years, Dr. Andrew Conrad, a genetic scientist. This will be the first trip to the altar for both….

San Francisco 49er quarterback Steve Young and his wife, Barbara Graham, are expecting their first child late this year….

And the romance continues between songbirds Mariah Carey and Luis Miguel. I hear the pop stars are vacationing in Capri, Italy.

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