September 06, 1999 12:00 PM

Though Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall annulled their nine-year marriage on Aug. 13, the two are friendlier than recent stories might suggest. On July 2, a week before they announced their separation, they booked the ballroom of a London members-only social club, Home House, for a lavish party for Jerry’s 43rd birthday. Says a Home House spokesperson: “They held a dinner dance for a small number of friends,” including the Rolling Stones. “They all had a marvelous time.”

Actor Mickey Rourke, who was replaced by actor Michael Madsen after just one day on the set of the action film Luck of the Draw, did not get the ax only because he was unable to remember his lines. I hear that Rourke, who played an ex-con in the film (which also stars Dennis Hopper and Eric Roberts), also made the unreasonable demand that his little dog be included in a warehouse shoot-out scene. What’s more, “he didn’t even recognize Dennis Hopper,” my source says. Rourke’s lawyer declined comment.

In soul singer Ike Turner’s candid new tell-all Takin’ Back My Name, due from Virgin Books on Sept. 27, Ike suggests that he and ex Tina Turner might work together again. “I feel that this is something the public would want to see,” Turner writes. ” ‘Ike and Tina back together’ would make the front page of every newspaper in the world. It would be no sweat off her back…. We don’t even have to talk. If she don’t want to see me, she don’t have to see me.”

Arabella Churchill, granddaughter of Sir Winston, was livid when she opened London’s Daily Mirror and read that she “is having a facelift to stop her looking like the legendary statesman.” But the 49-year-old Arabella, who once posed for British Vogue and who is indeed having a facelift this fall, says the Mirror has it all wrong. “When I was young and beautiful, I still looked like my grandfather,” she told Insider. “And I hope that after the surgery I will look younger and prettier, but I will still look like a Churchill.”

Actor-screenwriter Albert Brooks, whose new comedy The Muse is about a screenwriter who employs a muse (Sharon Stone), inserted one real-life line into the film. It is the one where his character is told by a studio to vacate his office immediately because director Brian De Palma needs it. “Paramount Studios told me that De Palma needed my office,” says Brooks. But he doesn’t know if De Palma ever moved in. “I didn’t go back and check. I could have called and hung up, but I didn’t.”

Fast Takes: Madonna, who suffers from insomnia, is finally getting a good night’s sleep: She has started drinking “kabbalah water”—spring water blessed by a rabbi versed in the Jewish mystical tradition—which purports to “rejuvenate the body and soul.” Madonna reportedly called a rabbi at the L.A. Kabbalah Center and told him it did the trick….

Tippi Hedren just started shooting a TV pilot in Las Vegas called The Strip, in which she plays a former stripper. “I need to work,” says the actress, who runs a private animal preserve near L.A. “All my money goes into supporting the preserve.”

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