By Nancy Perry Graham
August 02, 1999 12:00 PM

I’m hearing that for the first time an original episode, instead of a rerun, of ER will air on Thanksgiving. So, after digesting your pumpkin pie, you can likely catch nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Mar-gulies) giving birth to twins, my source says. And, who knows, you may even be treated to a guest visit from George Clooney, whose character, Dr. Doug Ross, fathered the kids. On a sad note, my source also says that this will probably be Gloria Reuben’s last season, with her character, Jeanie Boulet, succumbing to an illness or some other story complication.

Eyes Wide Shut may be about marriage and the destructive power of passion, but the film’s L.A. premiere seemed to be more a paean to marital bliss. Following the screening, Tom Cruise, who costars with wife Nicole Kidman, told me that the 19 months they spent filming in London brought them closer together. “She is my love,” he said, “and my greatest friend. I’m glad we got to share that experience together.”

I also chatted at the premiere with Goldie Hawn, who was delighted to be out socializing with longtime love Kurt Russell. Hawn is writing a screenplay, and the event provided a welcome break. “All I do is sit in front of my computer, and I couldn’t be happier to watch this movie,” she said. It also gave her a chance to support the film’s late director, Stanley Kubrick, whom she calls “one of the great talents of the century.”

Jason Patric (Speed 2: Cruise Control) was apparently not on his best behavior during the Beatles tribute at the Hollywood Bowl. Sitting in front of the actor was a software designer who has always been a fan. So during the intermission she told Patric how much she liked his work. “Oh, really?” he replied. “What have you seen me in?” She started with 1987’s campy horror flick The Lost Boys, at which point Patric rolled his eyes and snapped, “If that’s the only thing you can think of, I can’t talk to you. Go away.” Patric’s former fan says that the actor and his friends talked and laughed throughout the show and, at one point, stood up to dance, which obstructed the view of people behind them. A rep for the actor says she could not confirm whether Patric was at the Bowl that night.

During a chat with Ben Affleck and Salma Hayek at a recent film festival, Hayek told us that Affleck had given her a photograph—of himself. “I have a picture of Ben at home. He gave it to me,” she said. Affleck, with tongue in cheek, defended his choice. “I feel that’s a nice gift, pictures of oneself,” he says. “I thought I’d give Salma something that was lacking in her life.”

Fast Takes:

Hey, boys and girls, Pee-wee Herman’s back for more adventures! Actor Paul Reubens, who is featured in the upcoming film Mystery Men, is planning his third Pee-wee movie….

Donald Trump is sharing his collection of celebrity photos with Manhattan’s Museum of Modern Art as part of a show called “Fame After Photography” (July 8-Oct. 5). He is pictured with such notables as Sly Stallone, Celine Dion, Michael Douglas and Muhammad Ali.