October 25, 1999 12:00 PM

More celebrity candidate flotsam: According to a recent poll by The Hotline, an online tip sheet for political junkies, Heather Locklear has as much chance as Warren Beatty or Donald Trump of winning the White House in 2000. The survey, of 1,000 likely voters, found that all the novelty candidates received about the same amount of support—roughly 6 percent. “[Locklear] has managed an apartment building [on Melrose Place], run an ad agency and was a crime fighter on T.J. Hooker,” notes Hotline’s editor Craig Crawford. “Why not President?” Slightly more seriously, he adds, celeb candidates “are not as attractive to the public as they are to the news media. My theory is you can take any celebrity with no political background and the results are the same.”

Supremes surprise? I hear that both Mary Wilson and Cindy Birdsong (who replaced original Supreme Florence Ballard in 1967) have received calls from a concert promoter who told them he’d talked to Diana Ross and that she is interested in doing a reunion tour. The promoter wanted to find out if Wilson and Birdsong were interested before locking up a deal with Ross. Ross’s publicist said that he hadn’t heard about a reunion but certainly didn’t rule out the possibility. “Nothing is going to happen today or tomorrow,” he says. “But the reality is you never know. In my heart of hearts I hope it’s true one day.”

Los Angeles Laker Rick Fox told People he was floored during his Sept. 26 wedding ceremony to Vanessa Williams when her musical director Rob Mathes sang a love poem that Fox had written to Williams three months earlier. “Rob sang the song and I just lost it,” Fox said. “I had no idea it was coming. It was really special to both of us to begin with, but to hear it in a song! And [Vanessa] had it pressed on CDs, and she’s going to put it on her album. It was really overwhelming.”

Most Friday nights, after Norm Macdonald and the folks who work on ABC’s Norm finish taping, they play basketball in the gym on the Warner Bros. lot. Indeed, Macdonald is normally suited up by curtain call and takes his bow to the audience in basketball clothes. According to an assistant on the show, the coed cast and crew play until at least 1 a.m., and the game can get physical. Recently, Macdonald got the wind knocked out of him and was briefly disoriented. A Warner Bros, first-aid vehicle arrived on the scene, but Macdonald rallied and decided to play on.

Fast Takes:

The film editors of One Night at McCool’s, a dark comedy starring Liv Tyler, got a laugh while looking at the dailies. At one point during a lust scene with Paul Reiser, Tyler, as a dominatrix, was supposed to hit a pillow with her whip. She missed the pillow but not Reiser, who yelped very believably….

When a young woman and two of her children were killed by a speeding car in East L.A. recently, former welterweight champ Oscar De La Hoya, a native of the area, stepped forward to pay the family’s funeral expenses. He has also set up a fund for the widower and his surviving 3-year-old son.

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