January 25, 1999 12:00 PM

Richard Dreyfuss and his fiancée, Janelle Lacey, an accountant, are planning to wed at their home in Los Angeles on May 30. Dreyfuss, 51, is scheduled to be in London performing a revival of The Prisoner of Second Avenue with Marsha Mason until July but will fly in for the day. I hear the couple will have a small Jewish ceremony in their outdoor garden with their families, including Dreyfuss’s three children from his previous marriage, and close friends in attendance. The bride and groom, who have been dating for several years, aren’t planning a honeymoon, but Lacey, 33, will likely return to London with her husband after the wedding.

Observant viewers may wonder how billionaire business mogul Mort Zuckerman came to be cast as a homeless man in MGM’s new film At First Sight, starring Val Kilmer and Mira Sorvino. In the movie, Kilmer and Sorvino pass a homeless man who yells, “What are you looking at?” The scene is so brief that director Irwin Winkler wanted a voice that would make a strong impression. “Mort’s voice is piercing,” says Winkler. “If you’ve ever heard Mort yell at somebody, you know he can attract a great deal of attention.” Zuckerman loved the idea. “You’re casting to type,” he told Winkler. “You must have heard about my recent stock market losses.” Zuckerman played his part so well, in fact, that when he returned to his limo late that night, still wearing his costume, his driver of 11 years, Casper, at first mistook him for a bum and tried to chase him away.

Billy Idol went nearly unrecognized at L.A.’s Sports Center Bowl, where the rocker recently turned up in gray sweats, sans makeup, leather, jewelry or hair mousse but with son Willem Wolfe, 10. The two bowled together in the far right lane, and when it was all over, father had beaten son 139 to 101. But it seems a rematch is in order. “I’m gonna kill you next time, I swear,” promised Willem as they left the lanes.

Actress Laurie Holden, who plays Marita Covarrubias, Agent Mulder’s United Nations contact on The X-Files, as well as Mary Travis on The Magnificent Seven, brought her favorite date to the 25th annual People’s Choice Awards: Christina Moore, who portrays Amy Sweeny on Hyperion Bay. Holden says the two, who call each other Blondie, became friends in early ’95, when Holden moved into the apartment building where Moore lived, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. In fact, when Moore moved in with her high school sweetheart, Holden found two apartments side by side so they could all be together. “The studio guys sometimes tell me I should stop showing up everywhere with my girlfriend,” says Holden. “But I’m not dating anybody, and we have so much fun together, so why not?”

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