June 28, 1999 12:00 PM

Madonna and her date Rupert Everett were in a frisky mood at the L.A. premiere of An Ideal Husband, a screen adaptation of the Oscar Wilde play, which stars Everett. The two have become close friends while filming the drama The Next Best Thing, which they hope will be released later this year. Sitting cozily beside Everett at the post-premiere party, Madonna admitted that juggling single motherhood with a busy career has her feeling like a mess “every five minutes.” Of her recent recording session with Latin superstar Ricky Martin, Madonna joked that Martin is handsome, but “Rupert looks better in a suit.”

Also at the party was Julianne Moore, who plays a conniving young woman in love with a wealthy English lord (played by Everett). Moore told me that while filming her most memorable scene—simultaneously kissing Everett and having a tug of war over a letter he’s trying to take from her—she lost a contact lens. The only solution was to take out the other one, thus rendering herself virtually blind. “I could barely see him,” Moore said. “Thank God he’s tall.”

Actor Casey Affleck (Ben Affleck‘s younger brother) lost $4,000 gambling during the shooting of the romantic drama Desert Blue near Tonopah, Nevada, a small one-casino town “in the middle of nowhere,” according to costar Christina Ricci. “He’d go to the cash machine, get out more, and he lost a load of money,” says Ricci, adding that she and her fellow castmates, including Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn’s daughter), lived in dormlike conditions “in a crappy motel,” eating SpaghettiOs and Kraft macaroni and cheese. But, she says jokingly, “it was a great thing for me because I didn’t go to college. Kate taught me how to flirt with bartenders to get them to serve you when you are under 21. So that was my biggest learning experience.”

I hear that Nicholas Turturro is the only NYPD Blue regular who has not yet signed to return for the upcoming season. Turturro’s agent says the actor is in talks with the show’s execs to do just six episodes when the series resumes. “We’re about to start negotiating a deal at another network for him to develop a half-hour comedy,” the agent explains.

Fast takes:

Accepting her Women in Film Crystal Award, Drew Barrymore told the crowd that after age 3 she didn’t work for a while, so “when I was 6 and got the role of Gertie in E.T., I thought that’s what a comeback was.”…

When Edward Burns visited his girlfriend Heather Graham on the set of Austin Powers, Jay Roach, the film’s director, says the cast and crew teased the lovey-dovey couple mercilessly. “They were nauseatingly affectionate,” says Roach. “They are really in love.”

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