November 02, 1998 12:00 PM

Hollywood’s unlikeliest power couple? How about Jim Carrey and Henry Kissinger breaking bread at Spago? The pair were spotted at the L.A. eatery the other evening with friends, including Milos Forman, who’s directing Man on the Moon, in which Carrey plays the late comedian Andy Kaufman. According to Kissinger’s spokeswoman, the former Secretary of State “has always admired Carrey’s work and wanted to meet him.”

If director James Cameron seems fixated on all things below sea level (Titanic, The Abyss), his girlfriend, actress Suzy Amis (who played Rose’s granddaughter in Titanic), has had her head in the clouds. At the recent Moving Picture Ball in L.A. honoring Arnold Schwarzenegger, where she and Cameron were cozily inseparable companions throughout the evening, Amis told me that for her next film role she is considering something with an aeronautical theme. Aviation seems to run in the blood. Amis’s grandfather and father co-designed a twin-engine prop plane, and two of her brothers are licensed pilots. Amis, who flies a Cessna, says she is still working on getting her own pilot’s license.

Another Hollywood couple, Pam Dawber and Mark Harmon, are already teaming up on the big screen. I’ll Remember April, a World War II drama, casts Dawber (My Sister Sam) and Harmon (Chicago Hope) as a married couple whose next-door neighbors, a family of Japanese Americans, are sent off to an internment camp. Dawber has otherwise kept busy raising the Harmons’ two children, Sean, 10, and Ty, 6.

Welcome to Hollywood, the newest movie from Swingers producer Brad Schlei, is a mock documentary (premiering Oct. 28) about an obscure young actor’s rise to stardom. Along the way some real Hollywood celebs are interviewed in the film about what it takes to become a star. Advises Cuba Gooding Jr.: “Endure, endure, endure.” Director John Waters: “A star is somebody you’d like to get drunk with or have sex with that looks better than anyone in your community.” Director Ron Howard: “I think the stars that last are actually good writers. Through their own ability to create as they go [along], they elevate almost every project that they do.” Sandra Bullock‘s answer is, at the very least, the most succinct: “A good butt.”

And now, womaning the register at Manhattan’s Great American Health Bar: Cindy Crawford. No, the supermodel hasn’t taken part-time work making change; she simply covered the counter temporarily while her pal, manager Masud Mohammed, stepped off to make her a cappuccino. Though Crawford chatted easily with surprised customers, this won’t be a regular gig. Says Mohammed: “She is the most expensive cashier in the world.”

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