June 29, 1998 12:00 PM

When James Brolin goes back to work filming his CBS-syndicated TV show, Pensacola: Wings of Gold, on July 8, will he be a married man? Last year, Brolin told reporters he would marry Barbra Streisand, to whom he has been engaged since April of 1997, while on hiatus this year so they would have time for a honeymoon. Brolin hasn’t asked for any changes in his shooting schedule, and—although he might have a brief window of opportunity at Christmas—his next long break isn’t until Valentine’s Day 1999. “You can read between the lines,” says a close associate of Brolin’s. The actor’s manager comments cagily: “I want the press to know the day after it happens.” Streisand’s publicist says, “I’ve heard nothing.”

Anyone wondering about actor Tom Arnold’s sperm count will want to watch Jackie Collins’ new talk show, Jackie Collins’ Hollywood, when it begins airing in New York City, Los Angeles, Philadelphia and Phoenix on June 22. The actor tells Collins that, to use a Seinfeld metaphor, his boys don’t swim very well, so to conceive he and wife Julie Champnella will need in vitro fertilization.

While Ann Heche and Ellen DeGeneres now say they don’t want to have a child together for four or five years, DeGeneres knows what she wants when they do: a boy. “It’s all about dressing them,” says DeGeneres, who adds that “with my luck I’ll end up with a girl who likes frilly dresses and bonnets.”

Harry Hamlin and wife Lisa Rinna will have some unusual photos to begin new daughter Delilah Belle’s baby book. Following in the tradition established by Demi Moore, who posed, naked and very pregnant, for that famous Vanity Fair cover seven years ago, and Jerry Hall, who more recently posed, naked and very pregnant, for a portrait by British painter Lucian Freud, Rinna posed, naked and very pregnant, for photos that will appear in the September issue of Playboy.

Party of Five heartthrob Scott Wolf celebrated his 30th birthday this month by playing drums in a rock band called Stickball. Wolf and friends played original songs and a borrowed number, the Police’s “So Lonely,” for a crowd of family and friends at an L.A. club called the Garage.

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