July 25, 2005 12:00 PM

Hollywood Turns On the Juice

When a fully clothed Kirsten Dunst jumps into your pool after midnight, you’ve got a party. That’s what went down June 17 at the Tropicana Bar at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, which opened in June and is now the spot for pop stars (Jessica and Ashlee Simpson, Mariah Carey) to mix it up with actors (Eva Mendes, Ben Stiller), rappers (Jay-Z) and other Hollywood players. Says co-owner Amanda Scheer Demme: “L.A. has a very segregated party scene, but I put them all in one space.”

Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Tobey Maguire have all become regulars at the Tropicana. And Dunst is almost as much of a fixture in the pool as the David Hockney-painted swirls on its floor. (After spontaneously diving in and causing a stir at another recent bash, she called out to partygoers, “Come in, it’s warm!”) Averaging nearly 500 people a night, the bar has kept even celebs, such as The O.C. sweethearts Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, waiting in the parking lot to get in. Stars looking to avoid the lines can book the hotel’s luxe Marilyn Monroe suite overlooking the bar, as Hilary Duff and Lohan have done. The Tropicana’s other big draws? The outdoor fireplaces and the eclectic music, which is less hip-hop and more Hall & Oates. Despite the seemingly tame playlist, cops arrested Demme July 1 for noise violations (“It wasn’t loud at all,” she says) and seized some of her sound equipment. But the hostess posted her $100 bail and was back with new turntables the next day.

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