By Maureen Harrington
Updated April 13, 2009 12:00 PM

On quiet afternoons Candy Spelling can hear guides telling bus loads of tourists that they are at the gates of the home where Tori Spelling grew up, a 123-room house that features a bowling alley in the living room. Spelling sighs. She’s heard lots of crazy stories about the immense mansion in L.A.’s Holmby Hills she built with her late husband, Aaron, who produced Beverly Hills, 90210; Charlie’s Angels and Dynasty. But here are the facts: The bowling alley is in the basement. The house boasts 73,500 square feet, a 40-ft.-high entryway, five acres of manicured grounds, a beauty salon and hundreds of cabinets for her collection of more than 1,000 dolls. There aren’t 123 rooms. “It’s much less, but I don’t know how many there are,” says Spelling. “I refuse to count.”

Spelling, 63, aims to set many facts straight in her new memoir Stories from Candyland, in which she discusses her 37-year marriage, ultra-luxe lifestyle and the house it took her four years to plan and build. “The book was cathartic for me,” she says. “It’s a new chapter in my life.” Candy is estranged from Tori, who has her own memoir coming out later this month. “I don’t really know why she’s angry with me,” Candy says. “I can’t talk to her. I’ve tried that.” With son Randy, 30, a life coach, also out of the house, Candy is downsizing. She plans to move into a “smaller” 17,000-sq.-ft. condo now being built and has put Spelling Manor up for sale for $150 million. “There’s never been a house like this on the market,” she says.

A onetime model who married Aaron in 1968 and moved into “the home we always wanted” on Valentine’s Day 1991, Candy is ready for the change. “I have a lot of good memories,” she says. “But this house is the equivalent of a midsize hotel. It’s a lot of work.” Soon she won’t have to manage gardeners, security personnel and an army of housekeepers. “It was a happy family home,” she says. “And now it will be someone else’s.”