By Ann S. Moore/President
May 30, 1994 12:00 PM

INTRODUCTIONS ARE EASY WHEN THE one being introduced is so smart, so charming, so, well, stylish. And if the object of the new acquaintance is a relative, then you can even bask in a little reflected glory. So, by all means, please meet PEOPLE’S brand-new baby sibling IN STYLE, a magazine you’re probably going to want to get to know better. Following the success of three preview issues published last year, this latest arrival in the Time Inc. fold promises to be unlike any other monthly magazine on the market—a rich, rewarding and always intimate look al the individual selections people make.

“There’s clearly consumer demand for this kind of celebrity journalism,” says publisher Ann Jackson, a former general manager at PEOPLE and SPORTS ILLUSTRATED. “Readers love this concept—celebrity lifestyle combined with elements of personal taste.” Filled with lush color photography and lively writing, IN STYLE will visit fascinating, discerning people—many of whom excel in their professions—to show you the point of view that defines their personalities. “IN STYLE isn’t about fads or trends,” says managing editor Martha Nelson, a former editor al PEOPLE and Savvy. “It’s about the choices people make in their lives. We hope readers will find some inspirations for their own.”

In the inaugural issue, on sale this week, Barbra Streisand invites readers into her rarely seen, five-house compound in Malibu. Then, Reba McEntire shares the charity lodging that she built in Texas for the families of hospital patients; John Travolta takes you up in his customized Gulfstream II jet; and Carrie Fisher lets us poke through every nook and cranny of her eclectic Beverly Hills estate.

Breezy reading—if not always a breeze to produce. Absent from the pages of the new magazine is the house of a certain rock star, who shall remain nameless. When IN STYLE’S photographer showed up to shoot the place, he discovered a home without furniture—handily disposed of the day before by the rocker’s estranged wife. That setback aside, IN STYLE has received the blessing of both Hollywood and many of you. “This is a magazine that is easy to love,” says PEOPLE managing editor Landon Y. Jones. “It has all the warmth and richness of discovering a new friendship that you anticipate will last a long time.”

We hope you will agree. And let us know what you think.