What's old is never out of style for the Big Love star, whose collection of vintage finds includes Versace, Prada—and absolutely no polyester

By Michelle Tan
September 03, 2007 12:00 PM

Chloë Sevigny loves labels. Not just Prada, Lanvin, Chanel but also the little white ones that read “green snakeskin D&G” or “belts and suspenders” that pepper her closet in the Manhattan apartment she shares with her boyfriend of seven years, musician Matthew McAuley. “I’m really into the label maker,” says the self-described “obsessive compulsive” star with a laugh.

Another passion? Vintage clothes, an affinity Sevigny, 32, nurtured growing up in Darien, Conn., where she frequented thrift stores with her mom searching for pieces inspired by her childhood idol—Mary Ingalls. “Little House on the Prairie was my favorite show. I would only wear calico print dresses, and I actually slept in one of those little nightcaps!” says Sevigny, who dons similarly chaste ensembles as Nicki on the HBO polygamy drama Big Love, which wraps its second season Aug. 26. In contrast, the fashion plate says her offscreen style is “a little eccentric. I always like something that is a little unusual.” But the quirky fashionista has her boundaries: “I avoid all polyester.”