April 07, 1975 12:00 PM

In Godfrey’s arms

Black actor-comedian Godfrey Cambridge has always had a knack for making folks laugh—but apparently not in Ridgefield, Conn., where he recently moved into a $125,000, 14-room house. Cambridge says his wife has been menaced on the highway, his daughter threatened at school and his car doused with gasoline. A local police organization said Cambridge’s charges lacked credibility. Nevertheless, the 42-year-old Harlem-born comic began packing a pistol and warned: “It’s big enough to do the job if necessary.”

Hitting the roof

The job of a fireman has its ups and downs. Bernard McNally was fighting a blaze in a two-story house in New London, Conn, when he found himself looking at the world—and breathing fresh air—through a hole in the roof. A fellow firefighter approached the problem from a different angle: he entered the attic head first. Thanks to their heads-and bottoms-up work, no one was injured.

Ford’s missing link

President Ford was the victim of a common political peril in South Bend, Ind. While the President was greeting admirers at the airport, a sneaky hand snaked out and snatched a presidential cufflink. Unfazed, Ford continued on to Notre Dame, where he politicked and talked—off the cuff.

Humphrey in arrears

Sen. Hubert Humphrey found himself on the wrong end of a bill—this one from Internal Revenue. The IRS said the Minnesota Democrat must shell out the $199,153 he claimed as a deduction for giving his vice-presidential papers to the Minnesota Historical Society. Humphrey’s lawyers estimate the final tab—with interest—will come to $240,000. The usually voluble Humphrey merely said he would pay.

Getting the point

Philadelphia Phillies pitcher Steve Carlton believes that transcendental meditation can lead to inner and outer strength. To prove his point, TM’er Carlton pressed an arrow against his chest just as hard as he could. Carlton, who is pretty good on the mound under pressure (his 1974 record was 16 wins, 13 losses), proved equally worthy off the diamond: he held his ground until the arrow snapped. Yea, team; yea, TM.

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