October 14, 1974 12:00 PM

Poor Miss Jones

Porno-film leading ladies often find themselves in the clutches of the law, the latest victim being Chele Graham, 38, who toils under the name of Georgina Spelvin (The Devil in Miss Jones). She is holding an American Civil Liberties Union paper which defends her and the medium she stars in. Nonetheless, a federal judge in square old Portland, Me. ruled she would have to go to Tennessee to face charges of transporting obscene materials across state lines, to wit, a print of her movie.

Crash course

There are many ways to fail a driving test, but Carol King of Hollywood never got a chance. On the way to the exam, she knocked over the “No Parking” sign (right) in front of the motor vehicle department. Shortly, an examiner came outside and took one look at the felled sign and another look at the crunched front end of the car. Figuring it was safer to flunk the automobile than to go out on the open road with Carol, he declared the car in no shape to take the test.

Lend me your ear!

San Francisco zoo keeper Landes Bell wrestles with Troika, a six-month-old Siberian tiger, nearly two hours a day to give her sufficient exercise. (There are no other Siberians for her to play with.) To make sure Troika remembers the difference between trainer and dinner, Bell wisely feeds his playmate at least eight pounds of raw meat every day. Sometimes, however, Troika has a lapse of memory, which explains why Bell always wears thickly padded clothing. It protects just about everything but his ears.

Arms and the Man

That expression of annoyance on the man in mufti is not just the result of having his picture snapped. He is Peoria, Ill. police sergeant Elmer McIntosh, and on the floor in front of him is a metal milk carton carrier, with which he bopped a gunman in the act of holding up a local dairy. For this act of heroism, McIntosh received a commendation from the police department—plus a two-day suspension for not carrying his service revolver.

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