By People Staff
March 18, 1974 12:00 PM

No place for a lady

The men of the Great Neck, N.Y. Kiwanis Club decided they were ready for women’s companionship at their monthly luncheons. So they asked Florence Bromley, a successful real estate broker, to join. She had been sworn in and given her new credentials (above), when the parent Kiwanis International reminded the Great Neck chapter of an old by-law; no women allowed. Florence is not so easily dislodged; already knee-deep in club chores, she plans to battle in the courts to keep her membership.

Belli on ice

Melvin M. Belli, the famous San Francisco attorney, has been suspended from practicing law for a month by the California Supreme Court for violating the rules of professional conduct. Back in 1966 Belli hired a manager to drum up speaking engagements and endorsements—and one of them featured Belli in a Scotch whiskey advertising campaign. That, according to the court, added up to soliciting—and that is clearly something that members of the legal profession are not supposed to do.

An X-rated garage

After two years of practicing with her oils and brushes, Fran Schillinger of Orion, Ill., was ready to go public—a little too public, if you ask her neighbors. On the door of the family garage, which the Schillingers whimsically call “The Nail Keg,” Fran painted an 18-foot-long nude, a copy of a pin-up that both she and her husband Dan particularly admire. Local parents are not so enthralled. “It’s hurting the kids,” says the PTA president. “Nonsense,” says Fran, who points out that the garage door is 130 feet from the nearest public road. “Parents with their cars full of kids drive in for a better look,” she reports. “At night they shine their lights on the picture.”

Beauty and the Best

George Best, 27, the English soccer star, and Miss Universe, Marjorie Wallace of Indianapolis, Ind., may look pretty chummy here, but that was a while ago, when they first met at his night club in Manchester, England. “I find him very attractive,” 19-year-old Ms. Wallace said then. Now George is out on $13,200 bail after being hauled into court by Marjorie for allegedly stealing her $4,500 fur coat, checkbook and private correspondence. Marjorie has also obtained a restraining order to keep Best from bothering her, and expects to take up again soon with her American boy friend, millionaire racing car driver, Peter Revson.

Emperor’s new woes

At 83, Ethiopian Emperor Haile Selassie has survived political coups, world wars, assassination attempts and long-standing secessionist activity. Now in the midst of a military revolt, he demonstrated the kind of calm that has kept him a ruler for 44 years, and during a national holiday church service in Addis Ababa he lowered his pith helmet and prayed for peace.

A grounded Newman

If you can’t place the face—try the name. That’s Scott Newman, the 23-year-old son of Paul Newman, dressed for a film—his first—about barnstorming which stars Robert Redford, and he’s hoping to continue his movie career. But there’s a little matter of a recent brush with the law in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. Young Newman was stopped for drunken driving and was later charged with disturbing the peace and assaulting an officer with a deadly weapon—his boot.