December 09, 1996 12:00 PM

SIX YEARS AGO, LOS ANGELES BUS DRIVER VICTOR Mironas noticed a prim blonde boarding his No. 164 bus. “I kind of liked this girl and saw possibilities,” he says. Wendy Kerek recalls how Mironas admonished a rider who jostled her as she climbed aboard. “He stood up for me, which I liked,” says the British-born nanny.

Soon his chivalry, and her appreciation of it, blossomed into something else. The driver slipped the nanny his phone number, but it took Kerek two weeks to work up the courage to call him. They met at an English pub for their first date. “I thought he was great,” says Kerek, and they decided to keep seeing each other. Because Mironas, now 54, worked weekends and nights, and she worked days, Kerek, 58, who has three grown children from two previous relationships, would often keep him company for the last hour of his late shift, always paying full fare and keeping conversation to a minimum. “I had to keep my mind on the driving,” explains the Australian-raised Mironas. Given this courtship in transit, it’s no surprise that when it came time to pick a wedding venue, the couple chose a bus.

On Nov. 11, Wendy walked down the aisle from the rear door of a borrowed MTA bus. Fifty guests beamed as the two stood by the fare box and vowed to ride together to the end of the line. After the guests had disembarked for the reception at Pasadena’s Brookside Country Club, Victor took the wheel to treat the new Mrs. Mironas to a spin around the Rose Bowl. Well, nearly around. “I lost my way,” admits Victor. “They didn’t give me a route map.”

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