June 17, 1985 12:00 PM

Overheard on a recent afternoon at a farm in Elbridge, N.Y.:

FIRST PONY: Now there goes something you don’t see every day, Otis.

SECOND PONY: What’s that, Oren?

FIRST PONY: Sheep with a can on its head.

SECOND PONY: Maybe it’s just a very, very ugly sheep.

THIRD PONY: Is there a joke here somewhere about unembraceable ewe?

FIRST PONY: Perhaps. Or something about pulling the steel wool over its eyes?

THIRD PONY: I don’t think so. How about canned lamb? Or sheep dip? Muttonhead, maybe?

SECOND PONY: Close, but no cigar. I think what we have here, gentlemen, a sheep in search of a punch line.

FIRST PONY: And a can opener.

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