By Michelle Tan
September 04, 2006 12:00 PM

Some women get way giddy when they read their engagement announcement in print. Not Jennifer Aniston, who was mid-manicure when she spied a headline declaring that she was getting married to Vince Vaughn. “I actually went [gasps] ‘Oh!’ as if it was [about] a different person,” says Aniston. At first, she says, she laughed it off. But soon networks started splashing the news across their telecasts despite denials from both Aniston and Vaughn’s reps that the two were engaged. “Tabloids are going to lie all the time. You’re prepared for that,” says Aniston. “But when [the story] starts to travel into the Today show, CNN and supposedly reliable and accurate news programs, then you go, ‘This is insane!'” The final straw? “The thing that got me was that I was getting phone calls from Greece! My Aunt Mary in Greece is getting accused of lying! I mean, they’re getting angry.”

Concluding that, this time, simply ignoring a rumor wasn’t enough, Aniston decided to speak out: In an interview with PEOPLE, Aniston, 37, adamantly denies that she and Vaughn, 36, are engaged—and says he certainly didn’t ask her to tie the knot aboard a flight home from their trip to Mexico in June. “People are getting fed a lot of bull,” says Aniston. As for that rumored beach wedding? “No,” says Aniston, with a laugh. “I mean, it couldn’t be more of a ‘No.'”

That’s not to say things aren’t going well for the couple. “We’re having a good time,” says Aniston. At the Teen Choice Awards on Aug. 20, a playfully bickering Aniston and Vaughn, via video, accepted Best Chemistry honors for The Break-Up. Offscreen their alleged engagement provided a few punch lines. “It’s so funny. With Vince, it’s like the joke we had. I said, ‘Okay, so you’re on a romantic location. You’ve got the beach, you’ve got the sunset, but no, no—you’re going to wait for an airplane ride,'” says Aniston. “‘First of all, are you going to try and curb my fear of flying? Are you trying to trap me on a plane?'”

Not that she’s scared of taking a relationship to new heights. Aniston told Harper’s Bazaar, “I’ll definitely marry again because I believe in it.”

So don’t worry, Aunt Mary—when the time comes, your niece will give you a call. In person.