June 17, 1991 12:00 PM

WHO SAYS HOLLYWOOD’S HEAVIES don’t like getting taken for a ride? Obviously not the stars who came with kids in tow for the unveiling of E.T. Adventure, the new ride on Universal Studios’ backlot tour. Spun off from Steven Spielberg’s 1982 film, the five-minute special-effects excursion—complete with robotic animals and simulated outer space—drew a crowd of celeb moms and dads (including Robin Williams, Danny DeVilo and Rhea Perlman) and mostly rave reviews. “I cried in the middle,” gushed Elizabeth Perkins after taking the mock flight to E.T.’s planetary home, “maybe because I’m pregnant, or maybe because E.T. is so wonderful.”

Henry Thomas, 19, E.T.’s pal Elliott in the film, could have cried too, but didn’t. The Texas A&M sophomore had to walk when the $40 million contraption broke down and was closed for the day.

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