By People Staff
Updated January 14, 1985 12:00 PM

It’s the net results that count: Take it from Heidi Lane. A 30-year-old model, Lane has come up with a bag of tricks she calls Crazi Net. Now street-smart kids who have been festooning their hair with odd ribbons, rags and string, can doll up with Lane’s brightly-colored tulle strips. “I wear it with a grin on my face,” says Lane, who looks like Tinker Bell gone punk.

Lane tulles around her Miami base with the stuff tied almost everywhere—around her waist, ankles, legs and hair. She also suggests twining it around vases, plants, Easter baskets or the neck of your pet dog. Her boyfriend, Craig Campbell, a 21-year-old tennis pro, loops it around his wrist. “It’s kind of androgynous,” explains Lane. “Boys can wear it too.” So apparently can moms—like Heidi’s, who stuffs it into her coat pocket.

Lane is not the only one who thinks tulle is cool. Pop princess Cyndi Lauper takes to it as well, dangling net streamers from her multicolored hair. And Boy George, Mr. Outré himself, recently was spotted wearing tulle-like headgear—in the company of his parents yet.

Lane dates this tulle fixation to her childhood when her mother, a dance teacher, stashed tutus around the house. After graduating from high school, Heidi began modeling for Sears and J.C. Penney catalogs as well as in TV commercials (Love’s Baby Soft, and Nair). Last June she and her friends threw a tulle party. “It was like a joke,” says Heidi. “Everyone was lying around saying ‘Oh, how crazy.’ ” But not so crazy. Within a month Crazi Net was in business, the operation headquartered in her parents’ Bradenton, Fla. garage. The bags of tulle include a string of sequins and retail for less than $13. This winter she is busy visiting department stores (Miami’s Bloomingdale’s and Jordan Marsh have already placed orders), hoping to net additional customers.

And if your tulle should start to tear or wear out, don’t fret. Use it, says Tinker Bell, to scour your greasy pots and pans.