November 26, 2014 12:00 PM

Last time I heard “Let It Go”

Little girls come up to me all the time. For a while it was “Defying Gravity,” but now it’s almost always “Let It Go.” Sometimes they’re shy, but their moms really want them to do it.

Last-minute go-to holiday gift

Definitely wine clubs. They’re easy and fun. That one never fails.

Last time I was starstruck

Stephen Colbert. He came backstage after my show If/Then with his whole family. I get a little out of body when it happens. I’m there, and I think I’m acting like myself, and then I can’t remember anything I said.

Last gift my son requested from Santa

That would have to be Jurassic Park dinosaur toys. We haven’t been to a mall Santa yet, but Walker [5, with ex-husband Taye Diggs] just saw the movie and fell in love with it.

Last moment of joy

Last night Walker and I were face-painting, and then we made up songs and put on a pretend show. He can carry a tune. He can be an actor or singer if he wants, he just has to go to school first.

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