October 06, 2010 12:00 PM

Lying on the bed “is my little resort escape in the middle of L.A.,” says Marini.

Gilles Marini’s DAYBED

Eager to turn his home’s gazebo into a comfy hangout, Marini (with wife Carole and kids Georges, 11, and Juliana, 4) made a quick jaunt to a home-improvement store this summer and built a daybed in just four hours. “Like with Dancing with the Stars, I’d never danced before,” says Marini, 34. “But if I can visualize it, I can do it.”

Nick Offerman’s WOODWORK

When he’s not playing bureaucrat Ron Swanson on NBC’s Parks and Recreation, chances are you’ll find Offerman, 40, in his L.A. wood shop, crafting everything from jewelry boxes to canoes. “When I have a project on the table, it consumes me,” says Offerman, who gets commissioned for work (he made a kitchen table for his friend Rainn Wilson, star of The Office) and displays his creations on offermanwoodshop.com. So what does his wife, Megan Mullally, think of his hobby? “We’re ideal complements, because she’s a skilled interior decorator,” says Offerman. “But she shops faster than I create, so she’ll come home with an etagere, and my reaction is, ‘Oh, man, I could have made that!’ ”

Offerman (with Amy Poehler in Parks and Recreation) says, “My acting lets me buy my machines and stuff.”

“I’m always struck by furniture that was built to last for hundreds of years,” says Offerman, who made this Japanese tea table (left) and is working on his second canoe.

Carter Oosterhouse’s OUTDOOR ROOM

The master carpenter and star of HGTV’s Carter Can built an outdoor entertaining area onto his more-than-100-year-old farmhouse in Traverse City, Mich. “I wanted an updated vibe that says, ‘A younger guy has moved in,’ ” says Oosterhouse, 34. “In the summertime, I barely ever shut the doors-it really feels like an extension of the home.”


The Desperate Housewives star (and baseball fan) figured out a novel way to show off his major-league bat collection. “I made a nicer version of an old wooden bat rack,” says Denton, 47, who affixed the structure to the wall of his home office. “It’s a way to display them other than the glass-case method everybody uses.”

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