By People Staff
May 14, 2001 12:00 PM

During his Australian boyhood, “I was at the beach every day,” says Hugh Jackman. “And there you burned till you blistered.” Wiser now at 32, the actor pays much closer attention to his skin. “I wear sunblock all the time,” says Jack-man, who turned so many heads in his Hollywood debut as X-Men‘s Wolverine last year that he has already been signed for two sequels. “Nothing but 30-plus SPF. And I never leave the house without my Origins lip balm.” The 6’2″ Jackman has also adopted a less risky fitness routine. Rugby and cricket have been replaced by yoga, which he took up on the advice of Meg Ryan, his costar in the romance Kate & Leopold due next winter. “It makes me feel centered and energized,” he says. Currently living in Manhattan, he gets extra exercise stroller-jogging with Oscar, his 2-year-old son with actress Deborra-lee Furness, whom he wed in 1996. “The love he radiates is sublime,” says Ashley Judd, who watched Jackman interact with his family during the filming of the recent Someone Like You. “And that is gorgeous in the most emotional, captivating way.” Which may be part of the reason that Jackman, who next appears in this summer’s Swordfish, is in such demand. Says X-Men director Bryan Singer: “People crave leading men, not leading boys.”