By Monica Rizzo
January 26, 2009 12:00 PM

There wasn’t a big choreographed-group-dance number, but High School Musical star KayCee Stroh did get down at her Jan. 9 wedding to Ben Higginson. The boogying started in the receiving line, when the actress—known as “the pop-and-lock girl” in the popular Disney films—saw her HSM3 partner Ryne Sanborn. “I was like, ‘Ben, hold the line!'” says Stroh, 24. “I just couldn’t pass up one last dance!”

But there was plenty of dancing to come. While guests like HSM costars Monique Coleman and Bart Johnson and pal David Archuleta looked on, the newlyweds hit the floor to Michael Bublé’s “Everything.” Quips Stroh: “We dropped it like it’s hot.” Adds production company co-owner Higginson, 24: “It showed off our personalities.” After the reception at the La Caille château near Salt Lake City, the couple, who wed earlier in the day in an intimate Mormon service, flew off in a helicopter. “Everything was so magical with Ben by my side,” says Stroh. “I am the luckiest girl in the world.”