October 26, 2005 12:00 PM


DIET: Though celebrity bloggers like to question what—if anything—the whippet-thin actress eats, Hatcher insists she indulges in “a lot of fattening food,” including wine, tequila and chocolate—in moderation. More often, however, she fuels up on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. “I kind of eat what I want,” she told Diane Sawyer. “Then I’ll watch it for a couple of days. But I eat healthy.”

FITNESS: How does a woman who hates the gym stay in shape? If you’re Teri Hatcher, you join the S Factor, Sheila Kelley’s sexy dance class in L.A. Sessions entail an hour of stretches followed by 30 minutes of pole dancing (think slinky stripper moves like the “cat crawl”). “Teri really took to what we’re teaching women,” says Kelley, “to get in touch with the natural curves of their bodies.”


DIET: “If I feel like I’m putting on weight, I cut down on bread,” says Cross, who mainly eats salads and protein but allows herself treats like frozen yogurt and animal crackers. “Nix the bread and you’ll feel results.” On-set, the caterers fix her turkey slices and pickles—”a little protein to keep me going.”

FITNESS: Cross likes to mix it up: walking, hiking, going to the gym and doing yoga. “I’m not a regimented person in general,” she says. “But I think exercise is really important for the body and mind.”


DIET: Huffman’s approach to food? Down with deprivation. “I try to eat pretty well, but I don’t really have a no-no,” she says. “If I could, I’d eat cheese all day long. But I try to keep that to a minimum.” Her trainer has even encouraged her to eat more. “That is so liberating,” says Huffman, “as opposed to people who say, ‘Oh my God, you had a muffin!'”

FITNESS: Huffman and husband William H. Macy work out four times a week with trainer Kirsten Hultgreen. But running is her passion. “I’m really slow, but I love it,” she says. “It’s sort of meditative.” She also runs in the annual Malibu triathlon (Macy bikes and Hultgreen swims). “I sort of flop along, and my body parts sort of blob along behind me,” she jokes.


DIET: “I eat more than any man I know,” says Sheridan, who loves to cook. While she embraces “healthy, tasty food” (Indian is a favorite), she also splurges on Häagen-Dazs, Mulberry Street pizza and In-N-Out burgers.

FITNESS: An avid horsewoman, Sheridan rides and jumps regularly. “I love getting my hands dirty,” she says. When time allows, she runs with her golden retriever for three to five miles five days a week.


DIET: Growing up on a ranch, Longoria developed a taste for fresh homegrown fruit and vegetables at an early age. “I wasn’t allowed to have fast food,” she says, adding that eating right is easiest on-set. “They have egg whites, turkey bacon, granola and nonfat yogurt. On my days off I’m not so healthy.”

FITNESS: She is a pint-size bundle of energy, but Longoria admits she’s “extremely lazy” about exercise. “Once I found out how much lingerie I was going to be in last season, I thought, Oh God, I better do something!” The personal trainer she hired appears to have things under control.

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