Hot Country Band Rascal Flatts

With three recent Grammy nods for “Bless the Broken Road,” four nominations for the Academy of Country Music Awards in May, three multiplatinum albums under their belts—and their latest, Me and My Gang, just out—today feels more like a dream for the chart-topping band’s Joe Don Rooney, 30, Gary LeVox, 35, and Jay DeMarcus, 34.

Are you guys romantics at home or is it just in your songs?

Rooney: Well, first of all we’re never home.

DeMarcus: I can give you my wife’s phone number if you want!

LeVox: They’re so surrounded and drowned out by our music, they’re kind of over it.

Who takes longest to get ready before a show?

LeVox and DeMarcus [both pointing at Rooney]: He does.

DeMarcus: He’s a primper. That guy goes through flatirons like crazy.

Rooney: I get my hair straightened, but I flatiron it, too. I know the drill. I grew up with two sisters.

Any pranks in store on your current tour with Blake Shelton?

DeMarcus: Dropping thousands of ping-pong balls on the band while they’re playing is always a good one. Crickets in the bunks of their bus is good, too.

Do you guys ever take your family on the road with you?

LeVox: No, my daughter [Brooklyn] is 2. She can hardly sleep now at home, let alone going 70 mph. Plus [6-year-old] Brittany is in school.

Rooney: Being a trio, there’s not a whole lot of room.

DeMarcus: And Joe Don likes to walk around naked.

Rooney: Yeah, watch where you put that flatiron!

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