By People Staff
May 05, 2008 12:00 PM


The Howard Stern Show
“I was having trouble losing weight, and the only thing that worked was fasting,” says Howard Stern’s radio cohost. Last summer Quivers, 55, touted her success with the book 21 Pounds in 21 Days: The Martha’s Vineyard Diet Detox. “I actually lost 24 lbs. in 21 days,” she proudly told Larry King. But “once I’d finished fasting, I didn’t know what to eat,” admits Quivers, who has a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure. She went vegan and says it wasn’t hard: “Rather than give foods up,” she added back only plant foods. Working out four days a week, she lost another 36 lbs. and says, “I feel wonderful.”

After Six Months as a Vegan



The View
For Hasselbeck, shedding baby weight could be an Olympic event. Five months after giving birth to second child Taylor on Nov. 9, “I got back into training like an athlete, running sprints, running long distance and using weights that I haven’t touched in a while,” says The View‘s cohost, 30. It helps to have another jock in the family—her quarterback husband, Tim, also 30. “She did all the hard work,” he says. “I just made her feel not guilty when she went to work out. It’s easier for her if she knows I have the kids at the park.” Adds his wife: “It was a team commitment. I just need to go for a quick run. That energizes me to deal with any diaper, any cry.”

Just Five Months After Baby