April 24, 2006 12:00 PM

True, Gwyneth Paltrow did give birth a few days before Passover and at Manhattan’s Mount Sinai hospital. But she likely reflected on some verses more recent than the Book of Exodus when she named her newborn son. “Like Moses had power over sea,” her husband Chris Martin sang in “Moses,” a 2003 song he wrote for Paltrow, “so you’ve got power over me.”

Now there’s a new power player in the family: Moses Martin. Paltrow, who endured a 70-hour labor with daughter Apple—”Get right on the epidural!” she recently advised a pregnant reporter from Britain’s GMTV—this time had a cesarean section. “The baby’s good; he’s gorgeous,” says model Helena Christensen, who visited the hospital bearing a heart necklace for her friend Paltrow. Apple, who turns 2 in May, visited too, alongside her father.

Though the family has been nesting in New York City lately (they also have a home in London), Moses should prepare to roam, as Dad’s band Coldplay is touring this summer. “When Apple was born, I traveled with Gwyneth around America and [later] to Japan,” says Rachel Waddilove, Apple’s former nanny and author of The Baby Book: How to Enjoy Year One. “She traveled well; babies are very flexible.” And Paltrow and Martin, she says, are “really good, grounded parents.”

With her work in three new films (Dirty Tricks, Infamous and Running with Scissors) completed, Paltrow may take time off to focus on what’s most important to her. Says family friend Bobby Zarem: “She loves motherhood.”


April 8, 2006

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