By People Staff
December 26, 1994 12:00 PM

Dr. Dre

Rapper, music producer, 28

OFFENSE: Sailing through L.A. at up to 90 mph with police in his Ferrari’s wake last January; failing blood-alcohol test.

STATUS: Dre, aka Andre Young, pleads no contest, is fined $1,053, gets five months in jail for violating probation on 1993 battery conviction.

James Farentino

Actor, 56

OFFENSE: Stalking ex-girlfriend, television producer Tina Sinatra, 46 (Frank’s younger daughter).

STATUS: Pleads no contest in Los Angeles. Gets three years probation, must undergo counseling and is forbidden to go within 100 yards of her.

Amanda Donohoe

Former L.A. Lawyer, 32

OFFENSE: Driving her red Vauxhall Omega on the wrong side of the alcohol limit in London last July.

STATUS: “I made a serious error of judgment,” she tells court. Pays the $862 fine, British license suspended for one year.

Bobcat Goldthwait

Comedian, 32

OFFENSE: In May he shows Jay Leno how easy it is to ignite Tonight: set a chair on fire.

STATUS: Pleads no contest. Penalties include: $2,700 fine, reimbursing NBC for damaged chair ($698), taping fire-safety public service announcements.

Lisa Lopes

Rapper, 23, aka Left Eye

OFFENSE: Alleged June torching of Atlanta mansion owned by boyfriend, football star Andre Rison, 27, after he comes home at 5 a.m.

STATUS: Lopes is free on $75,000 bail, having pleaded not guilty to first-degree arson. Next court date: Dec. 29.

Timothy Busfield

Actor, 44

OFFENSE: Alleged fondling of 17-year-old extra on film location in Minneapolis. Sued for sexual harassment in March, he counters with suit accusing teen’s lawyers of defamation and invasion of privacy.

STATUS: His and her suits pending.

James Caan

Actor, 55

OFFENSES: Both in Los Angeles: brandishing a loaded semiautomatic pistol in March; punching and throttling actress Leesa Anne Rowland, 29, in May.

STATUS: One: not charged; Caan says he was breaking up a fight. Two: Rowland’s suit pending.

Maximilian Schell

Actor, director, 64

OFFENSE: Sexually has harassing Diana Botsford, 33, a production exec for his I Candles in the Dark, by commenting on her “beautiful breasts.”

STATUS: On Nov. 29 suit was resolved and a joint statement says that Schell “regrets that remarks embarrassed her.”

Mickey Rourke

Actor, 42

OFFENSE: Allegedly slapping and kicking estranged wife and Wild Orchid co-star Carre Otis, 25, in L.A. in July.

STATUS: Misdemeanor battery charges dropped—Otis would not testify. Duo last seen in November, holding hands in a Manhattan nightclub.

Flavor Flav

Public Enemy rapper, 35, aka William Drayton

OFFENSE: Breaking camera of New York woman in August.

STATUS: Criminal mischief and harassment charges pending.

Jack Nicholson

Actor, 57

OFFENSE: Applying a golf club to the windshield of 1969 black Mercedes that cut him off in L.A, traffic in February.

STATUS: Civil suit filed by the driver, salesman Robert Blank, 38, is settled out of court. Criminal charges of assault and vandalism dismissed.

Grace Slick

Former Jefferson Airplane/ Starship singer, 55

OFFENSE: Leveling unloaded shotgun at Tiburon, Calif., police in March.

STATUS: Receives six-month suspended sentence; agrees to attend AA meetings and do 200 hours of community service.

Dudley Moore

Actor, 59

OFFENSE: Allegedly attacking girlfriend Nicole Rothschild, 30, at his L.A. home in March.

STATUS: She doesn’t press charges; couple marries in April, expects a baby in July.

Johnny Depp
Actor, bar owner, 31

OFFENSE: 5 a.m. redecoration of $1,200-a-night New York City hotel room in September.

STATUS: Criminal mischief charges will be dropped if Depp behaves for six months and reimburses hotel $9,776.12 for damages.

Eric Douglas

Comedian, 37 (Kirk Douglas’s son)

OFFENSES: In October, possessing cocaine and being under its influence in Rosemead, Calif. In November, drunk driving and vehicular hit-and-run with his Mercedes after a fight at an L.A. nightclub.

STATUS: One: pleads not guilty; case pending. Two: case pending.

Wesley Snipes

Actor, 32

OFFENSE: Speeding at up to 120 mph on his motorcycle, he leads a Florida state trooper on a 30-mile turnpike chase near Fort Pierce in April.

STATUS: Pleads no contest to reckless driving charge; sentenced to 80 hours community service and six months probation; pays $7,314.25 in fines and costs.

John Denver

Singer-songwriter, 51

OFFENSE: Drunk driving; misses a curve and crashes his yellow 1963 Porsche convertible into a tree near his Aspen home. Gash in forehead requires 14 stitches. (Oddly, he was arrested in Aspen on the same date—Aug. 21—in ’93, also for drunk driving.)

STATUS: Plans to plead not guilty.

Tupac Shakur

Rapper, actor, 23

OFFENSE: Carrying a concealed weapon, according to L.A. police, who arrest him in April after stopping a speeding car in which he is a passenger. Arrest adds to litany of his runins with the law, including a sex-abuse conviction in Manhattan (he faces two to seven years in prison).

STATUS: Misses Dec. 7 pretrial hearing on L.A. weapon charge; judge revokes $20,000 bail, issues arrest warrant.

Jan-Michael Vincent

Actor, 50

OFFENSE: Joanne Vincent, 35, alleges in November that her husband since 1983 beat her, forced her into group sex and threatened to kill her and her pets.

STATUS: Judge issues temporary restraining order, but dismisses it when both parties fail to show up in court.

Willie Nelson

Singer-songwriter, 61

OFFENSE: Possessing small amount of marijuana when police find him asleep in his Mercedes near Waco, Texas, in May. Nelson, who’d been playing poker, says fog forced him off road.

STATUS: Misdemeanor charge pending (penalties could include $1,000 fine and license suspension).

Evel Knievel

Retired daredevil, 56

OFFENSE: Hitting companion Krystal Kennedy, 25, during an argument at a Sunnyvale, Calif., motel in October; police find her with face and neck injuries.

STATUS: Kennedy says it was partially her fault and doesn’t press charges.