By People Staff
March 27, 2000 12:00 PM

Jimmy Stewart gazing adoringly into the eyes of his new bride. Ricky Martin facing his first audience in his kindergarten play. Debbie Reynolds clinging to the image of a storybook family life. These are some of the moments captured in the following never-before-published Hollywood photographs. “My mother always said, ‘You will appreciate these photos someday,’ ” Reynolds’s son Todd Fisher recalls. “And she was right.”

actress Christina Ricci 1982

“It was Halloween. I was 6, and I was being Princess Leia for the third year in a row. Christina wanted to go trick-or-treating with me, and my mom hadn’t planned on getting her dressed up because she was only 2. But Christina got really upset because she wanted to have a costume, so my mom and I just scrambled to put together this outfit. She’s got a red Supergirl leotard, which was mine, and it’s totally too big. Then she wore a Wonder Woman headband and a cape. I made the mistake of pointing out that she wasn’t any particular character, because she was Supergirl with a Wonder Woman hat, and she got very upset.”—sister Pia Ricci (left), with Christina at home in Santa Monica

actor Jimmy Stewart 1949

“I think this was taken just after my parents’ honeymoon in Hawaii. It’s a scene that sums up their relationship. They loved each other so much. They didn’t have to speak; the communication was complete between them. As soon as they met, they knew they were right for each other. They married in 1949, and they spent as much of their life together as they could.”—stepson Michael Hatrick McLean, about Stewart and wife Gloria

actress Melanie Griffith ca. 1969

“We were at our house in the meadow in Sherman Oaks, Calif. Melanie was always such a fun little person to have around; she was a very wise little girl. We just enjoyed having things in common. We both love animals. Melanie has had them ever since she was a little tiny girl. This dog was Partner, and he was one of the most wonderful, smart little mutts you could ever find. People used to say, oh, that’s the ugliest dog they ever saw, and we always thought he was beautiful.”—mother Tippi Hedren (right), with Melanie and Partner

actor Will Rogers ca. 1918

“We all rode together a great deal. I don’t ever remember not riding—we were riding when we were little, itty-bitty. Dad would do trick roping, and we would all ride with him.”—son Jim Rogers (second from left), with (from left) brother Will Jr., Will Sr. and sister Mary in Amityville, N.Y.

the Osmonds 1995

“This photo was taken at my parents’ 50th-anniversary party. It captures the first time in years that our entire family could get together under one roof, and it also marks the last time that all of us have been together, since we’re all so busy doing our own things. So this was a rare, fun moment. We laughed and shared stories in a way that only a family can do. It’s amazing to have so many siblings and to be such good friends with all of them.”—Jimmy Osmond (back, third from left), with (back, from left) Jay, Tom, Donny, Merrill, Wayne and (front, from left) Virl, Marie, parents George and Olive, and Alan in Branson, Mo.

singer Ricky Martin 1976

“This was in kindergarten in San Juan. It was a presentation of the birth of the baby Jesus, and he played Joseph. My mother sewed his costume, and I got him the beard. It was the first time in his life he’d been onstage. He didn’t have to say anything. At first he was a little shy—this was in front of about 60 people—but he did very well, that’s for sure.”—father Enrique Martin

actress Debbie Reynolds ca. 1958

“MGM photographers constantly took our picture. We had to get cleaned up and wear nice clothes—it was as if we were some kind of showpieces. One day my grandmother said to my mother, ‘Why don’t you quit dressing these kids up and let them play in the dirt?’ My mother immediately sent us outside to play in the dirt, even though we had on nice clothes.”—son Todd Fisher (right), with sister Carrie and Reynolds in L.A.

actor Boris Karloff 1939

“This was taken at my christening when I was about 6 months old. It was Easter Day of 1939. I wore a white gown and a great huge orchid corsage. Afterwards there was a big lawn party, I was born on my father’s 51 st birthday. I was the most expensive present he ever got and an adored only child. My father was very loving and attentive—a wonderful, doting dad.”—daughter Sara Jane Karloff, with Boris in Beverly Hills

singer Usher 1999

“This is the one photo I have of my two sons and my two dogs. We took it in November, just after Thanksgiving, in the living room of my house in Atlanta. We moved here from Chattanooga about 5½ years ago, basically for Usher’s career. Now he has a home of his own in Alpharetta, Ga., but he still has a room at my house, We spend more time at his house than he spends at mine because his house is four times the size of mine.”—mother Jonetta Patton, with Usher Raymond (right), brother James and dogs Star (left) and My King

director Alfred Hitchcock ca. 1934

“This picture was taken in St. Moritz, Switzerland, when I was 6 or 7. We used to vacation there often, staying at the Palace Hotel. The rest of us would go out and ski, and my father would stay in the hotel room and read.”—daughter Pat Hitchcock, rear of sleigh, left, with (clockwise from her left) her nurse, Hitchcock, mother Alma and the sleigh driver

actress Lillian Gish 1980

“I was so happy that Lillian, my grandmother’s cousin, was able to come to my wedding. She was in her 80s and slim and fragile-looking, but she was such a commanding presence. She offered a toast that she told us was one of her favorites: ‘May this be the unhappiest day of your lives.’ We were a little taken aback until we realized what she was saying. It was wonderful to see this delicate-looking woman project this beautiful voice. She hadn’t lost her stage presence.”—Dana Sutton (left), with Rev. John Thompson, husband Tom and Gish

musician Harry Connick Jr. 1990

“This was taken just after we began dating. It’s a special picture for me because we’re both laughing. It shows what our relationship is all about. The public has no idea how funny Harry is. He’s nutty—he will do anything on earth to make me laugh.”—wife Jill Goodacre, with Connick in New York City

actor Charlie Chaplin 1956

“This photo was taken at Grandfather’s Swiss estate, Manoir de Ban. Grandfather didn’t like Christmases, He found them depressing because as a child he didn’t have proper holidays, and every Christmas was a reminder of what he had missed. Still, the family always had big Christmases with Santa Claus, friends and loads of presents.”—granddaughter Kathleen Chaplin (not pictured), about Charlie (top), with (from left) wife Oona, Santa Claus and children Victoria, Josephine, Geraldine and Michael