October 28, 2002 12:00 PM

Coed college roommates have been known to pad around in their skivvies—especially when the dirty-laundry pile reaches critical mass. So perhaps Prince William was simply getting something of a preview when he attended a fashion show at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland this past March. Among the student models in the charity show was Kate Middleton, who waltzed down the runway in very visible lingerie.

Now the middle-class lass, who grew up in rural Berkshire, boasts another claim to fame: She’s William’s new roomie at St. Andrews. The pair, along with the prince’s Eton College pal Fergus Boyd, 20, and another unidentified female student, recently moved into a four-bedroom apartment near the town center. (Contrary to tabloid reports, royal sources say security costs are on a par with William’s reported $155,000 dorm tab from ’01.) Middleton doesn’t see her platonic arrangement with the prince as “a big deal,” says a pal. “He has a large circle of friends, and she is just one of them.”

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